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New unlocked phone


New unlocked phone

Hi  I have unlocked  phone  and  I  try to use  tat Simi card  it  is work  but  it is not good signal same times  so do I have to have same download softwood  to  my phone



the phone  it is from  anther country  and  it is unlocked phone


 thank you

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Re: New unlocked phone

and thats the problem with unlocked phones. they werent made for the att network so they may not operate as well as an att phone would

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Re: New unlocked phone

do you thing  we will have way   to   have the right  info  I can  receive calls  and  I can send  calls  but  the  thing  is time  I  call  my   ether ATT our   t_Mobil  line    you can see the +1  and the #  so  it will work  if we now how to have the right FILE DOWNLOAD OUR STAB

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Re: New unlocked phone


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Re: New unlocked phone

I'm not sure what phone you are using, but does your phone support the 850 & 1900 MHz bands that are supported by AT&T Mobility? If your phone is missing one of these bands, it could drastically affect your coverage. The other possibility is that you are an area with limited coverage. Click here to to check the coverage map.

I use nothing but unlocked GSM phones and do not have any coverage issues.
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Re: New unlocked phone

Hello OldBlue!

You're still here...good for you!

Me too.


{Uncalled for comments edited}

Are you still using your original 3G sim card.

I keep getting letters signed by some VP saying the cutoff date has been slid (again) so I can keep using my mMode service a bit longer.

What have you done or what do you plan to do regarding your service/sim card?



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Re: New unlocked phone

Do you know if a Dell Venue will work with AT&T?

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Re: New unlocked phone

sierra223 wrote:

Do you know if a Dell Venue (Dell Thunder) will work with AT&T?

Yes it should work with no problem

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Re: New unlocked phone

what if the unlocked phone IS an ATT phone.. I bought one that is identical to what i already have, the old SIM card should work fine, right? Smiley Happy

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Re: New unlocked phone

Yes it will work fine for you.
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