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NEXT PROGRAM / AT&T security issues


NEXT PROGRAM / AT&T security issues

I may have more than one line well one of them blew up in my face…. She got a line and used and old phone. She lived in Colorado while I am in Kansas, so I put her as  a authorized user (guess I didn’t read the fine print I thought that was just so they could make their monthly payments.)   Well without me knowing she went to  At&t   got a phone on the next plan    totaling 700 dollars I believe……   Well I called and complained…. I do believe I am able to use the next program and since that is upgrading signing a commitment UNDER MY NAME, Someone should have called me to see if I was ok with that…   because I got charged with the bill, and due to  her signing up for the next program,,, funny catch    is she can’t take over responsibility of her line till that is paid in full….      So after this happened in January I believe, after all my complaining  NOTHING WAS DONE, they did clarify with me that there is 2 types of auth users…1. Can do whatever they want    and the other can only make payments in store…. So my cousin was on my plan I made sure she could ONLY make payments in store….. Well come may  I noticed a weird thing on my bill…. She went into a At&t store in Liberal ks and 1.signed on another 2 year contract (could have called me and I would have told yall she hasn’t even paid me in a year for the phone line and I was waiting for her line to be up.)    2. Got a phone that in the end totals $600 on the next program   and ONCE AGAIN       I was NOT notified… and there was nothing At&t could do… They even told me I would have to go to liberal and sort it out with the at&t store…. Now I live in Wichita ks. Which is about 5 hrs. from there…     Nothing has been done with either loss I took … Nor did it seem at&t cared or even really valued the security of my credit or my account.  


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Re: NEXT PROGRAM / AT&T security issues

Hi @tonja5588 


I apologize for the miscommuniation on the Retail Authorized Users policy. There is not two levels of Authorized users, there is either an Account Holder (which would be yourself) and Authorized Users. 


Per our policy Authorized Users can perform the following:


By presenting a valid government-issued ID, an authorized user can:

  • Change rate plans
  • Make updates and contract extensions
  • Add or remove features
  • Perform upgrades
  • Receive assistance with phone or features
  • Cancel, restore, or suspend service for a lost or stolen phone
  • Change wireless numbers
  • Obtain bill and usage balance
  • Enroll in AutoPay
  • View voice and data usage details
  • Make payments
  • Set up reoccurring payments
  • See total account balance
  • View payment history

So by having Authorized Users on your account, they can perform any of the above items in any AT&T store without needing to contact the account holder. If you want someone to just be able to pay the bill, any Compnay AT&T store has instore Kisoks that a customer can pay at without needing anything more than just their phone number. 


I would suggest if you are going to have authorized users on your plan and you don't want to make changes without you knowing, you can add a passcode to your account. This is a 4-8 digit passcode that any user (including the account holder) would have to provide to gain access to the account and make changes. You can add a passcode by visiting any company owned AT&T store and presenting valid photo ID. 


You can view our Authorized User policy by clicking Here


You can find your nearest AT&T store by clicking Here


Hope this helps!

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