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Mobile to Mobile lookup


Mobile to Mobile lookup

The AT&T site does have the ability; however, it is most difficult. It would be so easy to copy and paste a number; however, they have one fill the number into three fields.
Also I can not find a way to do this in the mobile app.
This is my most used and wanted ability.

Now they could just have your phone tag the number AT&T cell rather than doing nothing.
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Re: Mobile to Mobile lookup

Hi Puma - you're right that on the first screen, there are three seperate boxes to enter the phone number so you can't just copy/paste:



If you click on "Check more than one number" though, you can paste numbers directly into one of five fields:


mobiletomobile - morethanonenumber.JPG


You're also right that this isn't something you can do from the myATT app on your smartphone but I love that suggestion and I'm going to submit it on your behalf. 


For those who aren't familiar with this tool, Mobile to Mobile Lookup allows you to determine if a number qualifies for Mobile To Mobile or Mobile To Any Mobile Calling. 


To try it, sign into your account at and click on Messages and Email at the top of the page. The Mobile to Mobile tool (pictured above) will be in the lower right hand corner. Here's an article with some additional information.


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Re: Mobile to Mobile lookup

It looks like a full month has passed... However, this copy/paste deficiency identified here, has not yet been resolved... Why?


I think it may be quite legitimate to inquire, as for the extent to which consumer feedback actually is valued here, and taken seriously? Does this corporation have a genuine desire to take all legitimate consumer feedback seriously and to thereby implement applicable, resulting improvements? Or, might this corporation rather, simply be satisfied in assuming a second class status, for whatever reason? Is a fuller degree of optimization truly desired, or might this corporation rather, perhaps find it more preferable to simply just “pass the buck?”


As for the matter of “mobile to mobile lookup” functionality, I personally have recommended this functionality be expanded and further optimized so as to allow, for its convenient use by all visitors to the AT&T site, rather than being restricted only for use by existing AT&T customers, as is currently the case. Is there really any reason that the courtesy of this functionality, should not also be afforded (just the same) to prospective, new customers as well?


Another deficiency for which I have thus far recommended a suitable correction of, is the current, unnecessary limitation relating to the 'SMS send functionality,’ which currently is reserved only for use by existing, post-paid AT&T Wireless subscribers with access to the "My Account" section. As for another, even more ridiculous (but related deficiency,) it also just so happens to be (if I am not mistaken,) my current understanding that Go Phone subscribers, for whatever ridiculous reason are not even afforded this courtesy, of sending SMS messages from the AT&T website, at all? How ridiculous, can this be?


I personally recommend, for the broad elimination of such needless (and also highly unnecessary,) unwise restrictions which serve little purpose other than to needlessly detract from the overall customer experience, both for existing AT&T subscribers and prospective customers. As for using the ‘SMS Send functionality,’ there definitely should be no need for any entry of account, user credentials. As I mentioned in my original recommendation to this regard your primary competitor, Verizon Wireless (although quite deficient in some, other significant aspects) at least was wise enough to extend this courtesy (of the ‘SMS Send functionality,) to all visitors of their site without regard to the matter of subscription status. This of course, (most certainly,) is how it should be. (See Why can’t your corporation do this?

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Re: Mobile to Mobile lookup

SIMPLE WORKAROUND: On the first page enter some random number like 111 111 1111 and hit GO. Then on the results page at the bottom you see a simple text box where you can copy-paste a number ( even including brackets and hyphens, it removes it automatically). Another good thing to note here is that there is an option to "Check more than one number"


Hope that helps!



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