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Looking to leave Sprint (and come back to AT&T)


Looking to leave Sprint (and come back to AT&T)

Sprint was WAY cheaper for my familiy plan. Here's what I've got now:


3 iPhones

1 basic flip phone

1500 shared minutes

unlimited messaging (including texts)

unlimited data

unlimited mobile-mobile calling (any phone on any network)


Total Cost (including fees/surcharges/taxes, less my monthly discount): $194/month


I get a 27% monthly credit for my consulting work with Citigroup. Can AT&T come close to matching this price?  Sprint's data network is beyond bad. It would actually  be funny if I wasn't suffering with it. I'm dreading the ordeal of changing phones and swithing my family plan over, but I need to look at what else is out there. I'd rather not start the conversation with AT&T in a store just yet. Last time I did that I encountered extreme skepticism over the price I was paying and found the reps had quite an attitude about it.



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Re: Looking to leave Sprint (and come back to AT&T)

21stNow wrote:
The pricing change only affects upgrades, not new activations.

 They also charge 35.00 per line for activation, the 30.00 for upgrade is brand new and effective 04/22/2012

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Re: Looking to leave Sprint (and come back to AT&T)

The activation fee is not new at VZW.  You mentioned pricing changes; that's not a change.  The upgrade fee won't affect the OP until two years later.

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