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Individual Plans

Individual Plans

What happened to the individual plans? All i am being shown is Mobile share. How do you share with just one phone?

By doing their accounting, the mobile share for one phone is more than our current family plan with two phones.

My daughter wants to get her own individual plan, guess she is tired of me knowing who she texts, HaHa.

My phone has been off contract for several years, Hers is up in Mid December.

I was planning to do her upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy 4, then take my basic phone off to prepaid. I would still pay her bill and the account would still be in my name. Then it would be just her phone on the post paid account. 

Why the change? No profit in individual accounts?




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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Individual Plans

Mobile Share plans are the only plans that are available for new customers at this time.  Customers can share their data with Wi-fi only devices via the Mobile Hotspot, so it is possible for one person to "share".


Check to see if a transfer of billing responsibility would allow you to spin off your daughter's line onto an old-style of plan, but I doubt it.  Usually, any lines that are transferred via TOBR are required to choose current plan offerings only.


If your daughter had a basic phone, the 450 minute-plan only is still available.  However if she wants a smartphone, this won't be an option.

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Re: Individual Plans

Well, she has an iphone. I have a basic phone. With the price for the mobile share, might as well keep my old plan. Be cheaper in the long run. Just a shame they are trying to push such higher costs for individuals.
Really don't want to go prepaid. No roaming on GoPhone is a deal breaker.
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Re: Individual Plans

Some of the 3rd party retailers may still have the old plans in their systems. I know they sometimes keep them longer than Corp.
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Re: Individual Plans

Use a prepaid provider like Airvoice, Ting, or PagePlus. You'll save tons of money.
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