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How to get Proper Documentation for Insurance Claim


How to get Proper Documentation for Insurance Claim

I had a horrible customer service experience at ATT store, Miliptas today. I am encountering problems with my device since past 3 weeks. I stopped by ATT store and talked to device support over phone several times. I got SIM replaced and factory reset on phone but didn't help. Phone recognizes the ATT network but complains there is no SIM and allows only emergency calls. They strongly suggest to replace the device, paying penalty because my device is just out of warranty and its a hardware problem !!!!!   In spite of multiple attempts with technical support, service center and customer support visits, I gave up.


As a last attempt and favor, I requested for a small write up of the problem , mostly everything that is available on my account history/case so that I can forward it to my insurance company to claim warranty/repair charges but they dont want to provide one. I dont understand why they can't do it when they strongly suggest to replace the device. I was said by technical support technician on support that all the details of the problem are logged on my account history and they can always review it. When they can review the history, why not give me some synopsis of it so that I can produce it to insurance company?  How do they expect me to get my phone repaired/claim insurance? Instead of explaining the reasons or providing it, the personel counter attacks me by projecting something unrelated as an issue (like billing on a sim replacement). How can ATT doesn't know I have got a SIM replaced by them few weeks back? He is absolutely lying. I dont understand how these people make to customer support.  They badly need to get replaced. I will explore options I have to take legal action . I see only one reason for this. The support/sales guys try to sell their devices , if not, their insurance or other services. they are n't there to provide actual support to customers. I have no clue how to get proper documentation to provide to my insurance company to show i have a device problem.






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Re: Horrible Customer Service

Have you contacted the insurance company?

Do they require the phone history or can you just tell them the phone does not work and have it replaced?

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Horrible Customer Service

If you have the AT&T billed insurance package through assurion you should not need all of that informaiton. They may need a form filled out to confirm device information and the like, but that is for security reasons, they already have the ability to verify your account info due to the partnership with AT&T.


If you are using a third party insurance that requires these things, and it is against AT&T's privacy policy to give this information our, then it is up to you and your insurance provider to find a resolution.

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Re: Horrible Customer Service


the girl sound like she was eating, the background was so LOUD. I told her I can't explain it because is soooooooo LOUD then she put me on hold before she said ok I'm sorry.  Then came back on the line to the same LOUD noisy of people laughing operators!!! 

She kept asking me for my social to look up my account, I'm giving you my phone number the woman is now insisting... well that was weird.. I said don't you need my phone number and passcode instead of my social? so I got so angry and I said forget it YOU ARE NOT HELPING and I hanged up.  I wanted to pay that account and get something explained from my bill.

I will try tomorrow morning and hopefully I get someone inteligent and not the same silly girl Natalya or whatever her name is.... AT&T your customer service suck!! big time!!

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Re: Horrible Customer Service

I had to fill out a couple of those assurion forms for lost, stolen or broken phones.

It is just one page  of short direct questions. Not hard at all and received in over night after i emailed the info to Assurion. You just give a short brief description what the problem is, not a long story, because they don't give you that much room to describe the whole story.


Good luck

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Re: Horrible Customer Service

I have been trying for 3 days to file a claim, and the two times I have spoken to the claims department on the phone, BOTH of the gals have been extremely RUDE. I finally asked for a supervisor who did treat me so much better, gave me more information, guidance, so I could resubmit the incorrect paperwork. She also gave me information to make a call in order to expedite it. However, I was told that I had to also submit my husband's driver's license (a scanned copy of it) with the paperwork), which is something that has never been asked of us with any claim in the past. When I followed the instructions to expedite, I was told twice, very rudely, that the person I was speaking to at the present time was giving me the correct informaton, not the super I spoke to the evening prior. Unbelieveable.

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Re: Horrible Customer Service

 There’s a really easy way to tell when AT&T is lying to you. Check your pulse or see if your breathing. If the person is alive, and they work for AT&T, then they are lying. 

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Re: Horrible Customer Service

BIG TIME! Representatives are rude, unable to resolve issues and say whatever it takes to get you off the phone. 

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