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How do I turn data off on my device?


How do I turn data off on my device?

I turned off the data on one of my devices after the bill was paid and my data rolled over, four days later the data was turned back on and used. What can I do? I manage my account so I do not go over and now I'm afraid of having no data at all and being recharged! Please help!

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‎06-28-2016 1:26 PM

Re: Glitches

Hello, @Bunnylove32179!


Thanks for posting. Turning a line's data off at the account level is a temporary measure. Some devices, however, have an option in the settings to turn off data at the device level.


You may find this article helpful:

Turn Data Off: "Turning off data usage is temporary, lasting to the end of the current billing period.  When your next billing period begins, all devices on your plan automatically reactivate."


For tips and tricks on how to manage your data usage, click on the link below:

Ways to Manage Wireless Data Usage


Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!



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