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HBO and DIRECTV discounts with Unlimited Plus Plan


HBO and DIRECTV discounts with Unlimited Plus Plan

I'm currently trying to decide if switching out of a grandfathered unlimited data plan to the Unlimited Plus plan is going to be worth what might only be a $20-25 difference in price. In reading the small print about the $25 discount on Directv I came across this: "Requires qualifying, AT&T video service and AT&T Unlimited Plus wireless plan." Does this mean that just because we already have Directv, we would need to get some type of AT&T video service to be eligible for the discount? And with the Unlimited Plus Plan, it says HBO is included. We already pay for HBO through Directv. Would that actually be a free service then? In reading through some of the forums, I've heard that service has drastically changed in making the switch in the form of slower data and less service. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Thanks!

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Re: HBO and DIRECTV discounts with Unlimited Plus Plan

@uscgmom If you have DirecTV they should discount your service $25 a month.  You should make some printouts of the pages that say "for life" just for future reference.


You would be able to have HBO on your account for free (you'd stop paying for it).


  • Even without those features if it's $20-$25 less (you only said difference) I'd say it's a no brainer.
    Saving $25 a month is $300 a year!!
  • If it's more, but you've got DirecTV and want HBO it's still a no brainer since the savings is higher.
  • If BOTH then run quick and sign up for it right away.

Factor in Tethering, betting international plans, roaming in Canada and Mexico and I'm sure some other things I can't think of, it seems worth it.



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Re: HBO and DIRECTV discounts with Unlimited Plus Plan

Is the free HBO offer of any use if one does not have DirecTV or ATT cable service?


We are thinking of switching from the ATT grandfathered Unlimited Data plan to the AT&T Unlimited Plus plan with free HBO.   We are Comcast subscribers at home for Cable TV and Internet.  DirecTV is not an option as our home is totally tree canopied and satellite won't work (we checked.)


How would we receive HBO on our television in this scenario?   Would ATT provide us with an HBONow login perhaps?

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