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Get my old cell-phone number back


Get my old cell-phone number back

Hello experts,


I have had a long-term cell phone number for about 15 years,

starting with Cingular wireless I think.


Recently I went on a trip overseas for 2.5 months, and when

I am back, I found the current phone co. (ultra.me) has closed

my account for no use for 60-days!  I want to get my long-term

phone # back.


Ultra.me is unhelpful: they said it is gone from their system.  I used


to find that it is in some pool of AT&T.


So can I get my phone # back from AT&T?  I don't mind opening a

new cell phone account at AT&T or anywhere.


Thank you very much!

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Re: Get my old cell-phone number back

Hi @yumingwu


I’d be happy to help with your number recovery!


While we would be unable to guarantee that you would receive this same number, you do have the option to request a specific phone number during your service start, and if available, we can provide that number. You can start service online, via 888.333.6651 or at any AT&T store!


I hope this helps!


AT&T Customer Care

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Re: Get my old cell-phone number back

How do you Get your old phone number back
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Re: Get my old cell-phone number back

For sure he would not have got the number. even if he has got, there is no guarantee we will get it. there may be < .00001% useful person, who set things right, as you understand probability of gettting that person,  you need to have lifetime patience to cross over 99.99999% ....  and you should be ready to spend your valuable life time talking to these people for nothing useful. 

either everyone has no knowledge or half knowledge and you will hear different version when you talk to each one.  you will surely get frustrated, have high blood pressure, fight at home because of talking to these .. people. end of the day no worth customer service.. only survival for att is because they have signal at most places or atleast the place i live in.. With this kind of customer service for sure they cannot and should not survive ..  they should sit and learn from a road side tea/chat shop guy who is a customer !!!!



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Re: Get my old cell-phone number back

I am not sure if this forum is for legal purpose saying we have the forum, or someone really checks this and try to set things up.  Or I am wasting my some more time typing on this forum.  Anyway I wasted my 12 hours of my time (with all blood pressure going up, frustration... ) on this, another 10 more minutes .  


Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to say something via this message.  Please don't give me any phone number to talk ( I have already dialed a number of numbers) , if you really want to help me send me a message with your extn. 

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Re: Get my old cell-phone number back

No one takes responsibility. They keep sending you to next department and sometimes they say they are directing to a department and end up sending to some other department, you will realise it only after telling your whole story they will say this does not belong to their department.  Again you will have to tell the whole story to every one you talk to.  

If you tell them all about your frustration and check with them if we can talk to their supervisor, they will only cut the call.  

Some people take up responsibility only to say, " It is not possible."  

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Re: Get my old cell-phone number back

I am in the exact same situation as you. Any update?

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Re: Get my old cell-phone number back


I couldn't get my number. By the time I figured out a way, the time is
over. They have like 60 days by then they will rotate your number to

Try this number : 1-800-999-5445 .

And have them contact your old company's CONTACT person who is authorized
to your account. They have to tell to AT&T that, they can release the
number to you. I am not sure if the company's CONTACT person already have
those information. As they are corporate they must have people like
relationship manager or someone. If not the above number should work.

But I won't assume the person who takes the call first time will be of
helpful. Because all these people are half knowledged and they have their
own answer for your question. But I felt I was close when I contacted this
number, in my case the contact person went for vacation and me nor AT&T
couldn't contact him to get the authorization for releasing the number.

Even the contact person from the company can contact the above number, but
everything goes through fine then it is good, otherwise he will get

Once above process is complete, then you need to call the below number,

National solutions # 1-888-444-4410 option 2,5 [for transferring the
number to personal account]
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