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Galaxy s4 randomly powers off


Galaxy s4 randomly powers off

I have had my s4 for two days and it has been randomly powering off by itself. I have switched batteries with another s4 and it does the same thing, I have tried to do a factory reset and it still does it. It has done it 5 times just today. what can I do. Please help 

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Re: Galaxy s4 randomly powers off

Is it shutting down while you are holding it or it is on a table, or is it shutting down when in your pocket or purse (if applicable)?  My S4 shuts down in my purse due to the button placement on the phone.  It is very easy to press the power button when other things in my purse rest against it.   I have never had my S4 shut down when it is out of my purse or pocket, though.

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Re: Galaxy s4 randomly powers off

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