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Family Plan to Single Plan


Family Plan to Single Plan

I currently have two lines on a family share plan. I am interested in porting my phone (which is payed off) to Project Fi and leaving my wife on an individual plan. Is there any penalties for doing so? What would be the plan of attack? Join ProjectFi, port my number, then contact AT&T to adjust my plan?

Thanks for any advice!
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‎02-08-2016 10:22 AM

Re: Family Plan to Single Plan

Hi @BTrexler!

As long as your device is paid off, and your line is not under contract, you can port out without penalties. Once you port your number to Project Fi, your AT&T line will automatically be canceled. Since your final month’s bill will not be prorated, it’s recommended to do this towards the end of your billing cycle. If you’re on an AT&T Mobile Share plan, it will automatically be adjusted to include only your wife’s line, however if you want to change the plan at all (such as the Mobile Share data allotment) you can log in here to do so.


If you’re on a grandfathered Family Talk plan, and your line is the primary line, the plan may need to be adjusted before completing the port. Please contact the Port Activation Center at 888-898-7685 if this scenario applies to you.


Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns—we’re here to help!





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