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Early Termination Fee


Early Termination Fee

I am trying to port my AT&T # to a Verizon because my employer uses Verizon and is getting me a new phone, but I want to keep my existing plan and get a new # with AT&T for use with my existing phone.  Should they waive the early termination fee?  I have had 3 cell lines for several years with AT&T.
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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Early Termination Fee

no, unfortunately when you port a number it cancels the contract...so unfortunately there is no way to port your number to VZM, get a new number and keep the same contract and plan...so if you do port your num to VZM then yes you will be charged teh ETF and theres no way around that.


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Re: Early Termination Fee


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