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Done with AT&T


Done with AT&T


Besides the horrific internet service we tried for about a month (Being on the phone with so-called "tech support" and customer service became a full-time job) which we dumped at the end of the month even though it cost us money on our Direct TV bundle, (It was worth it) we've experienced shoddy reception, dropped calls, and other annoyances on our cell phones for years. 

   Now, AT&T has strong-armed two months' worth of boosted fees from us by "upgrading" our data packages with NO AUTHORIZATION from either my wife or I, the only two with access to the account.  Customer non-service advised us first that the change was made at an AT&T store in April, and when I told them neither of us has been to a store in over a year, they changed the story to say that while I was on one of my numerous calls to customer-non service trying to keep my internet up, I spoke with a "land-line" representative and authorized the change.  This is also a LIE.  My cellular service wasn't even on the same account, and wasn't even a topic of conversation in trying to get my shoddy internet (non) service back up and running.  (And, by the way, friends, expect a non-chelant "We can't schedule a tech to come out for a week" from customer non-service if your internet goes down, coupled with another strong-arm technique, when the customer non-service agent tells you that if the problem lies inside the home, they will extort another $100.00+ from you just to keep THEIR service running. 

     On top of all of that, customer non-service refused to credit the extra amount strong-armed from us over the unauthorized change to our data package, with the "did too, did too" proof that we somehow authorized it. 

      We’ve been with AT&T since they were cingular, and our contract is up in March, and we're GONE after over 15 years.      

     Oh, and thanks for sending all of our jobs to India.  I may not like Cox Communications, but at least when I call customer service, I speak to an AMERICAN with a job in AMERICA.

      BTW:  Does anyone know any providers who have a contract buy-out program going right now? 

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Re: Done with AT&T


Hello @oldschoolpaulie Thank you for posting!


I'm very sorry for all the issue you've experienced with your services and billing. We have an amazing Social Media care team here that will be happy to help you with whatever we can! Since it's account specific, please send us a private message by clicking here, please include your full name, phone number, account number and the best time you can be reached.


Let us know if you have any questions.




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