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Don’t Buy AT&T online


Don’t Buy AT&T online

Problem with Prepaid to Postpaid number transfer: Don’t buy anything on AT&T online. Recently I bought a new HTC One M8 (17th Apr-2014) from AT&T online store. I was an AT&T prepaid customer for last 1.5yrs. I wanted to keep my old number, and when you place order online; either you need to choose transfer or new connection. As I was transferring, I select transfer, but it was not accepting, so I called customer care.


I spoke or chat with around 10 different customer representatives, and everyone, told me, that, it’s just couple of minutes work, and can be done with in 24hr of your purchase. Go ahead and select new connection, once you get the device, call customer care.


As soon as I get my device, I called customer care, and they told me, they can’t do the transfer and I need to go to AT&T store with an ID proof to do that. I went to an AT&T store, they told me they can’t do there, as this can be done only in AT&T Company owned store. So, I went to another store, which is AT&T company owned store (I don’t want to specify the name, or location, I spoke Manager Ni***, Rep Man***, Rep Nav***), and they just literally got surprised, that something like transferring the number is possible. I called customer care from store, and store rep convinces me/customer care that, this is not possible, without returning the phone. Now, to return the phone in store I need to pay 35$ restocking fee, and as I was transferring the number, so, I am not a new customer, and, I won’t get introduction benefits of 100$ credit, that I am supposed to get with any AT&T new customer. Store told me that, transferring number is possible, if I were an different customer other than AT&T. To get this transfer, store need to restart the entire process, this need returning the phone and purchase it from store. And, they can’t help me much, as I got the phone online.


To save 35$, I have to return the phone by online return policy, but, I was already my 4th day of 14day time period, I called customer care to check if there is another way to do my number transfer, and she told me to wait for 2more days, as Backend team working to resolve. Backend team called me next day and told that it is not possible, and I need to return the device and purchase the device again in store.


So, I went to store again, and decided to pay 35$ restocking fee and return the device. This time store manager help me and checked with others, if there is a way, and re-classified the device, which means, without returning my device they can transfer the number, so, I can save 35$.


After waiting for 5days, travelling from one store to another, speaking with customer care for more than 3hrs/day, this got solved, and they promised to give me 100$ credit for new customer. But, believe me, the trouble I have gone through with this was really a bad experience with AT&T. My question is if this is not a simple process and cant be done easily, why, they didn’t mentioned before I purchase the phone. Initially, I got a feeling in AT&T store, that, they don’t have a business with you, as you got the phone online, they really don’t care much to help you. I purchase this phone online, because it’s was new and they didn’t had the color I was looking, and they only suggested to get it through online.


But, from my personal experience, I would suggest, please don’t buy anything from online AT&T. If you want to get proper support, get it from store, if stores don’t have the item that you need, wait for it to get into stores. This below experience is another horrible experience I had today from morning.


Problem with HTC One M8: Once, I got my phone from AT&T and got my number transferred, I started using. My phone is just 17days old, and today morning onward, it’s stopped working. It’s keep on rebooting, and just struck in the 1st screen. After checking with HTC customer care/AT&T customer care, hard reset didn’t worked out, and they asked me to check with AT&T retail store, before the device lost its power.


I was expecting to get better service this time, so, I went to same store, and I had the same experience like other day. As I got the device online, and 14days over store can’t do anything, they asked me to contact customer care. I called 3different customer care (for 2.5hrs), and talked from stores, and they told only two solutions – 1. Go to AT&T service center, and replace the phone, 2. Do an online replacement.


However, their warranty department talked with me, and check with AT&T service center, that they don’t have the model and I can’t do a replacement today, but, they can check with other stores, and do a replacement if I go to store, so, while she was checking with store, call disconnected, and next customer care rep asked me to go to service center.


When I went to that service center, I got surprised, they told me, AT&T is shutting down the service center, and other service center is in different state, which I need to travel from more 100miles and they can’t help me either. So, I called customer care, again, they said, as per the policy, they can do an online replacement with an AT&T certified New device (Which is basically a refurbished device). When I paid for this phone, I paid for a new phone, and now, I need to get a refurbished mobile, knowing that there could be an issue. I asked to service my mobile and give my mobile back, I don’t need replacement, but, as per warranty policy, I can’t even get mobile serviced, I only need to use refurbished mobile. I asked to return my money, as I am just 17days customer, they can’t either return my money as I crossed 14days period.


Also, when I asked for re-imbursement of my 3days time, they said, they can only pay 40$, which is just cost of my screen protector, that I need to get anyway, and I asked to keep that change with AT&T.


Now, only way is to wait for my 2yrs contract to get this over, or need to pay an early termination fee of 325$ to get rid of this.


I am fan of HTC and I am using HTC phones for more than 4.5yrs now, and I really don’t complaint anything about them, but, looks like HTC one M8 got this reboot issue, and it’s happening for few others too, and many of them got resolved by doing factory reset, and others like me didn’t solve. So, please be aware.




After, all of this and my 7.5hrs time talking and fighting with AT&T, I accepted the fact that I can’t do anything, and decided to go with AT&T new certified phone, and will wait for option, if I can switch over if possible with very very horrible experience with AT&T Postpaid. I never had any problem with AT&T prepaid earlier.


No doubt, whether its stores or it customer care rep, helped me the best way they could, but, who should be responsible for the trouble I gone through?!! And, even I paid for new phone; I am forced to use a refurbished mobile. Whom should I make responsible for all the days I will be without any phone or the time I lost, behind all these issues?


Online sales you really need to provide correct details.


Sorry for a big note, wanted to share my frustrations, and want others to be aware. Hope, my device works okay!

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Re: Don’t Buy AT&T online

Hello, abced!


Thanks for posting. I'm so sorry about your recent experiences switching to a postpaid account and an HTC M8. I'm glad your account was ultimately set up correctly, but we would definitely appreciate the opportunity to look into your faulty HTC M8, so please click here to send us a private message.


In your message, please provide your name, phone number, email address, and the best time to reach you. You can expect a reply within two business days, so keep an eye on the little blue envelope icon in the top right corner of your screen.

Once again, I apologize for the frustration and inconvenience. In the meantime, feel free to message me with any other questions or concerns.



Employee Contributor*
*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Don’t Buy AT&T online

Thanks for your reply, but I already returned the device, as I need to do that within 10days, other wise, I will be charged the full device price, that is around 700$.

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Re: Don’t Buy AT&T online

Saga continues…


After having my number transferred successfully, and got a replacement of faulty device, my experience with AT&T didn’t improve at all. AT&T gave me a 39.01$ credit, for the trouble I had with replacing the pone, I like their generosity; you need to read until my last line to understand, how generous they are.


After my 1st monthly bill (121$, including my regular monthly bill of 65$ + Taxes + one time activation charges of 36$), I got a huge surprise on my next bill, my next bill is 223$. When I chat with one of AT&T rep, she explained me that, I am being charged for 72$ for one time activation charges and 65$ for service charges. When, I asked why I need to pay one time activation charges and service charge, as I already paid one time activation charges in my last bill! She said it’s for your number transfer.


Are you kidding me?!! I have to get a new number, as there was no option in your web site to transfer an AT&T prepaid number to postpaid number. So, I was forced to get a new number, and then after lot of trouble, I could transfer the number. Not only that, until, yesterday, no one has ever informed me, that, I need to pay a huge amount to get my number transferred. While my number transfer, I have spoke, may be around 30/40 times, and visited stores many times, but no one informed about this charge. And, why should I pay this??!!


When I mention all of this to rep, she told she can give me 25$ credit, later when I show my earlier post, she said, she can remove the service charge of 65$, but still I need to pay 72$ of one time charge. She also, try to convince me, that some time bills are crazy, and I only need to pay this higher amount this month, from next month onwards, my bill will be as usual regular charges. I am putting the entire chat conversation as an attachment, please read through it. I couldnt attch the pdf, so, see the attached images at bottom, for privacy, I removed names, blue colur text is mine, and black from AT&T.



When I asked, where this charges is mentioned, could you point it out, she said, it is in Terms&Conditions!!! OMG! I will not be surprised if tomorrow AT&T charge me 5000$ for visiting their store. They might simply say, it’s in our Terms&Condition, why do you visit our store!!  I searched multiple pages of AT&T website; I didn’t see any mention of charges anywhere while transferring the number. Here are the links –, I have taken screenshot; in any case I need them later.



Although they mentioned here -, but, I have already paid 36$ of activation charge, why shall I pay again. And, I do not need to get an old number, AT&T should have directly transfer my number prepaid number to postpaid, so, I shouldn’t have to pay 36$ of one time activation charge for the number,  that, came with phone, which I have never used. I have never upgraded a device, why should I pay the upgrade charges!!??? The device was faulty, and it was replaced as part of warranty.



I am ready to pay 224$, if I have used it. I told her, that, I will not pay a single penny more than my usage (65$ + Taxes + Other fees if I have used), which will be not more than 85-90$. I think, I am right here, and I need suggestion for other members of this forum.




I was planning to drop AT&T, after my experience with the replacement, and when I received AT&T certified HTC One, I forgot my frustration after using my mobile. But, I think, my experience with AT&T will never get change, and I need to re-consider dropping them soon, after paying my termination fee of 300$.



Before, I get into this contract, almost, my entire friends warned me about contract, and especially warned me about AT&T contract, they all suggested me to get through V*, if I need to use contract. Why didn’t I listen to them??!!! With my experiences, I don’t know, if I will continue with AT&T further, and I know, AT&T do not care about losing a single customer, with over millions. But, at least, I will share my experiences, to anyone I know personally, over internet, or any other forums, that I can reach.























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Re: Don’t Buy AT&T online

Hello, again!


Have you had a chance to use the link I provided to send us a private message? If not, I strongly encourage you to do so as soon as possible so our reps can get this resolved for you.


This is not the same customer care you've worked with over the phone or via chat, and they will work very hard to find an acceptable resolution. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.



Employee Contributor*
*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Don’t Buy AT&T online

I haven’t sent any personal message yet. I did spoke with customer care, and they reduced my bill by 100$, as one time courtesy. So, instead of paying 49$ I need to pay 84$, and I agreed to pay that amount, instead of having further problems with it.


I am supposed to get 100$ bill credit for being new customer, hope, that's not been used for this.


I will send a private message again; however, I am not sure, what can be done for the replaced device.

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Re: Don’t Buy AT&T online

I won't be surprise that they won't do anything more than what they had already done.
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Re: Don’t Buy AT&T online

So, they gave me 100$ credit for new customer. Though I have to pay 45$ extra, I am okay with it and expecting not much trouble from AT&T anymore.
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Re: Don’t Buy AT&T online

I'm glad everything worked out. By the way, you mentioned another carrier being recommended by your friends as being better for contracts. Let me assure you that V* is no better when it comes to contracts. Prepaid is the way to go, in my experience. Of course the carriers prefer that you sign a contract, but it is mostly to benefit them.
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