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Do I have to have a data plan for my smartphone?


Do I have to have a data plan for my smartphone?

So i have att and i hate that you need a data plan to buy a smartphone. so i this is what i do..  i buy a smartphone and get a data plan on it ( i get the lowest one 20$)  after a week or two i call say something happened to the phone and is no longer usable (water damage , bricked , exploded ,dropped , cracked blah blah blah) and i would like to cancel my data plan thats it thats all you gotta do.. all those lies about the phone wont work or it wont turn on if u dont have a data plan arent real. also its might help if you put ur sim in a different phone for 24 hours and then call so it doesnt look like ur still using it well i think thats it comment if u have any questions

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Re: Do I have to have a data plan for my smartphone?

Actually - Cingular & SBC acquired ATT Wireless  in 2004 then renamed themselves to ATT in 2006



Originally Cingular Wireless LLC from 2000 to 2007, a joint venture between SBC Communications and BellSouth, the company acquired the old AT&T Wireless in 2004; SBC later acquired the original AT&T and re-branded as "AT&T". Cingular became wholly owned by AT&T (the mommy ship)  in December 2006 as a result of AT&T's acquisition of BellSouth.



As far as the rest of your comment do you actually understand how satellite communications works and what is required for it to be connected?



Making a educated guess here that you mean Global Positioning satellite when you state GPS since I can find no other reference to those three letters.  Somehow I can't see the goverment is going to "flip the 32 GPS satellites to wifi" considering how dependant the nation is on their usage from day to day navigation, military and orther organizations are tied into it.



in reading the prospectus of the compnay this is commercial grade communications that will likely be out of the financial reach of the residential end users for a long time

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Re: Do I have to have a data plan for my smartphone?

Towers daisy chain or use fiber back to dishes which beam the signal to geosync orbit which is then rebroadcasted to a local dish via satellite. Satellite coverage is 100%, tower coverage is spotty. I always assumed Att owned the satellites but it appears that iridium owns them and att is just considered a major reseller. The actual satellite is very much programed like a router/server and the dish communicates very much like a multiband wifi adapter each satellite must connect to multiple towers older ones I assume were operating like switches these newer ones operate like servers  connected to multiple host 'towers via dispatch type program also  special antennas for freq, parabolic dish etc. but location data must be assigned to each packet for sorting to ground reciever or tower and perhaps thats were the IMEI number plays a role. The towers filter the data per carrier who prob got the name for taking the message to orbit. So as these 66 new iridium satellites are launched and I assume 5G follows it do the ground towers/dishes support the maximum bandwidth or are there going to be bottle necks

Will we be allowed to purchase plans based on speed. Or refuse data since 2GB aint squat on that spectrum.


Also the GPS sats were not fitted for the correct  bands antennas are different but in theory they could be refitted and it has all been theorized previously bandwidth may be a problem but I grew up on 5.6kb a sec. you may think I am fairly dumb but not dumb anough for pay for anything I dont use or get. does iridium do that to att. why do we get shafted on the end user level and be modest there arent allot of discounts on any phones on any marketing level the tablet wars have clearly illustrated the price of technology.



When an When a smart phone gets flaged for not having data why is it always after the store return date? If you guys are gonna screw me do it already so I can return it.



Allot of older abandoned sats contain pure gold components and I have a imaginary lean on some Smiley Happy




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Re: Do I have to have a data plan for my smartphone?

You think they are going to launch those satellites and sit on the bandwidth they will contact resellers and manufacturers distribute products... I assume by 2016 Internet, dish cable and phone services with more jetpack modems than you can shake a stick at. There is more bandwidth up there than you can imagine and it is for sale to the highest bidders they spent from there own pocket so there looking to fill the pocket. I imagine the military will recieve a hefty piece of data/bandwidth with high priority. Were gonna get the lower end in the wireless community. But in all honesty can att claim they process more data than dish or cable providers , there not screening calls web bots do that so hmmm stop overcharging for bandwidth cause an under average person can figure it out.


Also perhaps a new plan that lets you build your own plan that is at a modest price. I dont text I dont want to pay for it. I pay for data through time warner and and use wifi so technically 'I pay for data. I dont want to pay data agian. I just want minutes and my smart phone not to be charged a smarta** fee when from a hardware view point I payed every penny it was worth.


In short using a broad missunderstanding of marketing, data price, bandwidth and technology att gets over on people every month.

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Re: Do I have to have a data plan for my smartphone?

ATT and other major resellers that partake in such activitys use deciet, lies, or contort the truth to make a buck are no more innocent than the thiefs who commit fraud they are the middle men between the sats they are the carriers we as endusers ensure them to carry the messages. They are taking an un modest amount cash and creating elaborate contracts that impose on growth of information for money. If I were to speculate on there contract with satellite companys I would guess it is a pay as you go and they try to use as little as possible and charge as much as possible.



I dont really need to reverse engineer the whole thing as much as I need to just get by w/o being charged data and a fee for a phone when my tablet does all the above. I would love to continue to pay my monthly bill all the same as it IS ALL THE SAME>

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Re: Do I have to have a data plan for my smartphone?

GPS was created and run with 24 satellites. It became fully operational in 1995.  32 are running now and 64 have been launched. I just assumed they were running 24 not to come off as less intelligent I thought they would keep the same constellation. Its fair to say 8 satellites are up there doing something else off the array if you follow. Im sticking to 24 GPS satellites and 8 maybe running advance gps data and location tracking with  military classified intelligence running through them not soley GPS.

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Re: Do I have to have a data plan for my smartphone?

doubt they will repurpose, value is way to high and the additional sats are standard goverment proceedures (US Department of Defense owns them) - back up, back up,back up,back up and the GPS Satellites do not work on the correct aloocated frequency band - something that cannot be changed from earth





basic you are talking about something that is already being sold in this country and has been for a long time



to name a few

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Re: Do I have to have a data plan for my smartphone?

I think I did elaborate that the bands' were off. That antennas were not correct, nor fimware. you think it is far fetched - but to start launching multipurpose sats that enable low level wifi data transfer is not beyond 2020 and the projected life span of the current GPS satellites were 15 years. Also who usally gets the old bands when the military retires them and those are low bands?  The amount of data/bandwidth the 64 iridium  setup enables. These satellites take the war agianst fiberobtic at effective 64 mb speeds and do you know the money involved in bell south and att merger alone was 89 billion. Bill gates couldnt buy that.


The morale of this is in data is not a  commoditie, nor will comunication be for long. In a failing economy service providers have reaped billions overpricing this service and continue to do so and imagine there pockets fatter. What is the difference in just going with the grain befor they get called out on it audited draged to court and lose every thing. I would love to see a bill pushed through congress backed by the FCC to stop making billions and excessive charging on communication, COMMUNICATION NEEDS TO BE REGULATED .

It is literally ruining americas finacial situation the amount of software code to make

more cell plans at a baseline 3G capp is a weeks worth of code, thus giving the option to chose data and speed package might be a partial solution. Its just horrible how few choices included in texting. Still that is not a solution 89 billion + is f all money - they are doing just that. Well do you know what I have to say about that. 



I work cleaning elctronic ark funace dust in 100+ weather for 9.25 an hour, I hardly get an entires days work . I have to live a simplified version of he** to pay this bill. The rest of my life is x5 worse so how does Att figure that  capitalizing on the hard working american is going to float very long. We all work hard these days so should carriers to provide a modest fee work hard to --- notice how all the numbers are rounded  smart phone fee, data fee thats a clear indication they make this up or round this up.



Now all I really want is to be able to use a freaking smartphone in 2014 without data and not to be told there is any behind the scenes marketing etc they can start giving a little back so its not so obvious what they are doing.

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Re: Do I have to have a data plan for my smartphone?

AT&T, also known as the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, had virtually monopolized the phone market, and the U.S. Government ordered the company to break-up. Hey goverment there back at it. LOL babie bells - mothership

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Re: Do I have to have a data plan for my smartphone?

It appears that when the goverment chopped the head off this beast it revealed  the form of  a hydra - greek mythology and ultimately continued on its merry way. Goverment needs to have some reins on it.

Monopolizing there is a broad array of ways to do it and being unmodest in pricing  doesnt help when you get draged to court for it.


The only acceptible awnser is that att has to jack up prices, capp data add misc charges for smart phones to elude monoplizing allegations to elude simply being the best. Self evident att 'non major resellers get better pricing.


Part of me wants att to fail but that same part really wants me to see them win. Crank up the competition or go home stop wasting are time cash out befor the goverment makes you catch out.



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Re: Do I have to have a data plan for my smartphone?

Become a company for the people and the goverment becomes the bad guy. Right now they would look excellent to put you in your place since att cant find that medium or conduct buisness proper.


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Re: Do I have to have a data plan for my smartphone?

They gradually reduce their services to favor their profits, all about corporate greed.

They think we are going to sit here and take it laying down. 

You all wait until they remove the subsidies and force the Next program down your throats.

I am going to make an appointment in the store and ask for proof of my agreement to their new terms of service as I need it for legal action against ATT.  

I have been a customer for 10 years and I want to stick to the "original" more favorable terms/agreement.  

[Legal discussions are not permitted per the Guidelines]


After calling to remove the $30 plan on my 11 year old daughters phone for the 4th time in 5 months I am at the end of this.  Each time I call, the customer service rep is less patient and more rude.  Guess that is expected since half of the people calling are *** about being charged for something they are not using, did not ask for and do not want.


[Inappropriate content removed]

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Re: Do I have to have a data plan for my smartphone?

The original wirless T&C included something like this

1.3   Can AT&T Change My Terms And Rates?

We may change any terms, conditions, rates, fees, expenses, or charges regarding your Services at any time. We will provide you with notice of material changes (other than changes to governmental fees, proportional charges for governmental mandates, roaming rates or administrative charges) either in your monthly bill or separately. You understand and agree that State and Federal Universal Service Fees and other governmentally imposed fees, whether or not assessed directly upon you, may be increased based upon the government's or our calculations.



Your T&C have been changed, irrevocably.

Employee Contributor*
*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Do I have to have a data plan for my smartphone?

Notice is a contorted word when dealing with att. Ive always used the definition '

notification or warning of something. There is no warning or notification with applicable time to reverse charges and comply with contract it. It is not a notice that brings to your attention anything that you could infact change prior to att making changes. That notice word does not elaborate literally what is going on. And what if I have sms blocked and dont recieve texting are you gonna mail it.
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Re: Do I have to have a data plan for my smartphone?

Text messages from AT&T come through, even if you have SMS/MMS blocked on your line.

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Re: Do I have to have a data plan for my smartphone?

You do not need to have a data plan. Agree to"pay as you go," explain you understand that it is an expensive option if someone uses cellular data. This is how I had upgraded our two phones. I received an email explaining I would be put on a plane. I asked, how much data had I used. They acknowledged none was used. The attended said it is a smartphone and must have a plan, twice. To. which I responded, no, you don't have to have a plan, I will pay as I go, she said hang on and said ok.


For heavens sake, ensure your cellular data is turned OFF under settings! I have operated this way for several years. Good luck.


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