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Data overage charge?


Data overage charge?

So I have a 3GB plan for my iPhone 4 and I have about less than a week to go till my next cycle starts but I already used up my data. Right now it says

Next Bill Cycle: 05/19/13
Data (MB): 3,072 of 3,072
Overage: 574
Messaging: 630
Group Messaging: 1,230 of Unlimited

Does this mean ill get charged 30 bucks now and how much? They said for every one gb I use it equals $10. Will it be until I reach a thousand it'll charge ten dollars or will they barge me now? Thanks Smiley Happy
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Re: Data overage charge?

By going over your limit, even by 1 MB, you'll automatically be charged $10. So once next bill prints out it'll be the normal $30 plus $10 for the overage as long as you don't reach another GB of usage. 

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Re: Data overage charge?

My data charges are killing me. We have a 30 gig plan. This morning using my app I was 15 gig over. I called AT&T told them to "shut down all data" and everyones phone had no data. Tonight I am now 19gig, 4 gig while it was off! [Per Guidelines:  Keep it Relevant and Appropriate].

ATT  you need to get your *** together. Your about to lose all the money you've been raking in. You guys have done some really bad stuff in the past and you just cant quit can you. 

Verison is sounding like a nice place to take my 7 phones 2 tabelts and Hot spot.

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Re: Data overage charge?


The billing system can have a normal delay of 3hr but up to 24hr delay on reporting used data, if you log into myatt at and view data usage you will want to make sure a device is not still using data though and that everything did get shut off when you called in.


*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent AT&T’s position, strategies or opinions.

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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Data overage charge?

What's upsetting to me is that the extra data you are charged for does NOT roll over to the next month, unlike unused data in the monthly plan.  I was charged $15 for basically one day.

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Re: Data overage charge?

ATT charged $15 for one day's worth of data usage until my next billing cycle reset, BUT they will not roll the data over. I called and asked about this and the customer service lady had no answer at all. I think this is unfair that we have to pay for the extra data and ATT doesn't allow us to use the full 1GB.


They are ripping people off. If they aren't going to allow us the full use of the 1GB than they need to charge us based on how much of that 1GB is used.

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Re: Data overage charge?

Unfortuanetly you do get charged $10 every time, and ATT has some serious issues, i paid 40 dollars in overage charges last month and i called and talked to someone for the 5th time and they asked all the same questions, is it showing you are on wifi, do you turn your data off in your settings ect...i do all that, i am not dumb i know what to check on the phone, so i got to a manager and he continued to ask the same questions and offered no resolution other than there may be an acutal problem with this almost brand new Galaxy s6. so now i have to call the warranty department and see if they acutally find a problem with the phone. My whole issue is i pay Time warner Cable for internet service and wifi for a reason so why is my phone using so much data, its so ridiculous, inconvenient and upsetting. I saw several others with this issue, i think there is an underlying problem with ATT they are not taking care of and being held liable. I got an overage message last night, one this morning and 2 more while i was talking to the guy on the phone!!!!! and the phone is on wifi the entire time. 

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Re: Data overage charge?

bcarter21 wrote:

. I got an overage message last night, one this morning and 2 more while i was talking to the guy on the phone!!!!! and the phone is on wifi the entire time. 

Most newer phones shut off the wifi radio when the screen is dark to conserve battery power. You may be on wifi when your phone goes dark and may be on wifi when you wake it, but were probably not on wifi in between. In that case, any updates and/or push messages will use OTA data. Make sure you have apps set to only update when on wifi.


You can go into settings and see exactly what app is using all that data.


As for overage not rolling over, it's clearly stated in the FAQ

"Customers helping customers; not always successfully"
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Re: Data overage charge?

Thank you for this Info, im just finding this almost impossible, i feel there is nothing that will help me. the manager I spoke with said,"we can just block your data"....really who wants to call ATT everytime you need to use your phone for a quick minute when you are somewhere without wifi. Its upsetting they would set a phone up that way.

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Re: Data overage charge?

First step is to find out which app is using so much data. Let us know and maybe we can offer a solution.

"Customers helping customers; not always successfully"
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Re: Data overage charge?

There is a setting in the Network Settings on your phone Android and Apple
are similar. "Smart Switching" this switches from 4G to WiFi depending on
which signal is stronger. My daughters room is far enough away from our
wireless router that the phone would auto switch to 4G. So I purchased a
WiFi signal extender form Best Buy $70.00 est for my house. I put it right
outside my daughters room now that signal is the most powerful in and
around the house.
Secondly and most importantly go to Cellular Data Setting and turn off data
for your DATA HOGS. Facebook, SnapChat, Insta "FREAKING" gram this one was
the worst and Pinterest.
These changes made the difference. Our culture is becoming a virtual or
data driven culture we are wanting more and more data. I think its mostly
good because we are communicating more and more. If we try we will all get
better at managing it and we should get closer too...

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