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I have having some difficulty with AT&T wireless and would like to send and email to create a record of my complaint. Does anyone know a good email address?



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Re: Complaint

So here is my issue. I am a long time AT&T user and have pleased with the service. Things were going so well that a couple of years ago I added my family members. My son recently got married and he and his wife wanted to get a plan together. While he has been happy with AT&T there is no cell coverage at his office.


I called AT&T and asked them about the current contract on my phone (I wrongly assumed that my number was the contract for all the phones) they informed me there would be no charge for changes.


I then got the bill with the early termination charge. I called Customer service and explained what happened and asked them to wave it. I always pay my bill on time and it averages over $300 a month or $4,000 a year. I felt I had be lead astray with the multi-contract with each line.


They said they had to get a supervisor who never came on the line. After a long wait I disconnected assuming they would call me back (not like they don't have my number, name, etc). No one ever called. I am looking for and email address and the only one I can find is the CEO?

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Re: Complaint

I live in a residential neighborhood "IN TOWN!" With AT&T being such a big name it's completely annoying that they have such terrible coverage. I never have more then three bars at my house. Most of the time I only have ONE OR TWO BARS and it DROPS CALLS CONSTANTLY... What the heck? I feel like an ***** for buying the new Galaxy 7 cuz now even though we're not in a "so-called" contract I'm going to be making payments and stuck with them for a while. I think the big man at the top needs to eat less steak and lobster and spend some money on some Towers!!!! And by the way... don't tell us the Galaxy 7 is waterproof when it's only water resistant! What... like you didn't know? Obviously you must have been testing the phone out and know that it destroys the speaker system. People really need to research before they get talked into buying phones and going with companies that don't even provide decent cell coverage.
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Re: Complaint

First, no carrier has ever guaranteed complete coverage, and as long as they depend on towers, never will. Some communities make it very difficult through zoning to build new towers. When the community doesn't, the neighbors do. Nobody want a tower in their back yard.


But to solve your problem, switch to verizon, they will pay off your phone.

"Customers helping customers; not always successfully"
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