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Can we add a different area code number to family plan?


Can we add a different area code number to family plan?

Same tired story I've come across on google....I got married.  My wife has a verizon account with a California number.  My AT&T account is a Maryland phone number.  I want to port her to AT&T to buy her the new iPhone 5s and get us on a family plan.  I go to Best Buy to pickup my online order and they tell me it won't let them port the number, but try to tell me to just get a new number and if I take it to an AT&T store they will port it for me.


Can it be done yet?  This is really silly.  These days people use their cell number for everything and asking them to abandon it is a difficult thing.

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Re: Can we add a different area code number to family plan?

I was just able to combine two numbers from different markets/area codes into a share plan and thus one account. They are both Att numbers and already under my name. You will need to go to corporate store. Salesperson will need to call customer service for assistance. I had to do a credit check despite owning both numbers. The initial reply from customer service was “no” could not move BBB to AAA market. Then I asked if they could move AAA to BBB market. Be patient as I spend over an hour at the store. My store representative did a great job of advocating for me. Then it worked- was able to move BBB to AAA as originally planned. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason why I was given a “no” answer and then at the end it was completed. Go to an AT&T store with great customer service and that isn’t very busy.

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