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Can manager read my texts ?


Can manager read my texts ?

Can a sales manager in a store see my texts on the back end? Also I know someone with a higher clearance can see them, is there a record that they accessed my phone records? Fo example..Do they have to use some sort of employee ID to access my account and that would determine who did it. I know for a fact someone has been accessing them but I am trying to figure out if there is a record of it. Thanks


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Re: Can manager read my texts ?

Hi ariver,


Many different levels can access your texts RECORDS (should definitely be for legitimate reasons) but NO ONE can ever see actual contents of them. For example, if you're at the store or call customer care, an employee can review your records with you, including date, time and phone numbers of each text, but not what was actually said in that text. 


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Re: Can manager read my texts ?

I know for a fact they read out my messages word for word. I was told I would never figure out who accessed them so is there an i employee ID that has to be entered?  if they did this to me I'm sure they are doing it to others

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Re: Can manager read my texts ?

Please let me know what you find out.  I may have had the same problem.  Also, contact the BBB and they will investigate.  Read my previous posts and you will see that it is possible for protocol not to be followed. 

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Re: Can manager read my texts ?

My advice would be..Don't use a work phone for any other reason that work.. Get a personal phone.. Then you have to worry about the NSA reading all of your text..Smiley Very Happy

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