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Call blocking? - AT&T Avail ZTE990


Call blocking? - AT&T Avail ZTE990

I simply want to block a few numbers from calling my phone.  I have an old ZTE990 AT&T go-phone that is off support, I believe.

ZTE says the phone has no built-in call blocking and they pointed me to a  AT&T web page.  That page said to enter *60 to turn on call blocking and to add phone numbers to block.  When I call *60 or *80 I get recording that call cannot be completed as dialed.  btw - the phone cannot download any apps of any kind - cannot even update software.  Is there any way for me to block unwanted phone numbers?  Calls are from area code 469 (Dallas) and my phone's area code is 214 (also Dallas).

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Re: Call blocking? - AT&T Avail ZTE990

Hi there @cwr640!


Welcome to our Community Forums! I will be glad to offer additional assistance regarding your call blocking inquiry.


ZTE was correct in stating your device does not support the call blocking in the phone settings However we offer additional options to block incoming calls. To view all options and get started today, please click here.


I hope this post is helpful. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask! Have a wonderful weekend.


Shenoah, AT&T Community Specialist

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