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In Dec I had four lines of service with Att. Two were on Next plans with one payment left.  The other two were free and clear.  Never on Next plans.  I wanted to upgrade all four so I called and talked to Att rep that said I could pay off last payments on two lines and then buy two Samsung S6 actives on Next 24 plans and get two Samsung S6 32gb phones free after the first 3 payments... Also on the Next plans.  I did not want to go on Next plans with 30 payments but was told that was the option to get the BOGO offer.  So I did.  


Well, now on my forth bill and still getting charged for Next plans on my two BOGO phones... I am being told I never qualified for the promotion at all.  They said my contract does not show it was ever offered to me.  Their "notes" show I called and inquired about the BOGO.  They also show I purchased 4 new phones, that I just happen to buy into the longer Next 24 plans on all these phones, even though I have a history of not keeping phones that long, oh... And I just happen to make 2 of my phones the S6 with only 32gb and no expansion slots even though everything else I buy has larger storage or expandable slots.  Oh wait... Those would be the promotional phones that YOU HAD TO BUY TO GET THE BOGO OFFER!!! 


Now after being with Att since 1993.... Prior to being called Att... Alltel... Cingular....etc... I am being told that I do not qualify nor did I qualify for this offer.  Instead of a BOGO credit... I now owe Att $584.99 per phone!  It was an error by a sales rep from Att directly on their own 611 line. This was not at some outside retail location.  Maybe because I had two lines fee and clear of all contracts the sales person made a mistake.  Maybe they misunderstood that adding those two lines to "NEW" next plans was not the same.  Geez, maybe I could have cancelled those two lines and added two "NEW" ones that would have met the requirements.  If I knew I had too!  


The bottom line is I entered into a sales contract with Att that is not being upheld on their side.  I agree the emails I received to sign off on the terms and agreements do not reference the BOGO offer.  My bad for not reading the fine print.  I was told that if the credits do not start applying to my account after three months that I should call...as they have had issues with this before.  Ironically, I was told that very same comment by the Att rep I talked to yesterday.  Go figure... att billing customers when they said they would not!  I wonder how many people pay the millions of dollars every month before they realize they should not be?  


My my situation has an easy fix.  Credit my account the $39.00 a month I signed.... Or should I say... I verbally was told... I am due.  Option two... Apply a credit to my account for $1169.98 for the two BOGO phones I was told were FREE!  Option three... I take advantage of another carriers offer to buy out my contract... And take my $3-4K a year payments and five lines now... Somewhere else.  


Last I heard they were going to have a "Tier 2" person call me within 72 hours.  That was yesterday... So I wait.  I stopped by Verizon today and got option three priced out.  Monthly payments within $20 of my current so no big issue there.  One thing that surprised me was the number of customers with similar issues on this message board and others.   Poorly worded promotions, lack of training for the sales reps that push this industry along.  The multiple ways they slide money from one charge to another.  Try to make a deal sound good all while hiding new charges elsewhere.  Why not charge a fair price for hardware and then a fair price for service?  Why have to manipulate everything in a game of numbers?


Now I wait........................


Oh.... I guess I had better ask a question just in case their is an Att rep on here with the authority to help resolve this.  My question is... I only am asking for what I was verbally sold on.  Why is this such an issue to resolve?  You obviously run this promotion often... Thus reaffirming that you as a company profit from it.  How is losing my $9-10K over 30 months the appropriate response from Att?  


I need an IPhone to ask Siri to play my "Waiting" playlist...  " If I could save time in a bottle......"

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I'd like to add to this in a sec, checking to make sure it sends

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I have a similar issue with AT&T and even had a chat that is recorded where the rep said I qualified for the free phone.  I said are you sure its free because if its not free then I don't want it.  She said it is free - what color do you want?  I shared that chat content which was generated from their site and they said it was a mistake and never gave me credit for the phone.  So so disappointed in AT&T.  We have been loyal customers for over 20 years with all of our services being with AT&T.  This is quite the thanks.   It would seem that if in your system it is documented by a representative within AT&T that it for sure is free would be honored.  I have called there so many times and they always say -- you are right you will see the credit come through.  And then later I get a call that the "Back Office" declined the credit as it was not eligible.    POOR POOR Service.  

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