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ATT's net neutrality


ATT's net neutrality

I live 30mins from Los Angeles and I'm effected by slow 3G speeds.  ATT told me its my cell tower then my sim card, I was finally told straight from an ATT rep today that I've been throttled back.


When you dont pay for the higher speeds you get throttle back by ATT.  My typical usage is 4GB a month from 99% of it being music.  If you go over 3GB a month your speed will look like the following below.


Browsing basic news web sites on the internet with my iphone isnt worth the effort.  I feel ATT's new net neutrality patent (US20140010082 A1) in use.



This is our future.

If the picture is removed, I'm using ookla speed test, 122ms ping, 0.19mbps download and 0.15mbps upload.  With those speeds I dont see video on youtube, only audio.



Hope this helps other ATT users with same issue.



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Re: ATT's net neutrality

I'm not following. I'm decently familair with net neutrality.


The first sentence of the 'summary' of what you linked is

"Use of a communications system is restricted in accordance with the type of information being carried over a communications channel"


Net Neutrality is the issue for ISP's to enhance speeds for only certain types of data while limiting others. (eg speeding up Amazon, but slowing down ebay or etsy)

Nothing you've said seems to imply the before or after the slowdown, AT&T treats those news sites or music sites any differently in terms of speeds allowed. Sure news sites don't have as much information, so the same slowed speeds works better, but that's not AT&T's a violation, that's just slow speeds.


I've wondered if AT&T's Sponsored Data is not line with that, but that's something different.



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Re: ATT's net neutrality

If you are being throttled, it is because you have the grandfathered unlimited data plan and have gone over the 3GB (or 5 GB for LTE) threshold set by ATT several years ago. It has nothing to do with net neutrality. 

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