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AT&T Horrible Customer Service...


AT&T Horrible Customer Service...

All I wanted was a contract reversal... instead I received a total of about 12 hours talking to 13 different "customer service" agents with no resolution. But hey, I get to keep my old iPhone with a brand new 12 month AT&T Next contract! Talk about getting the "next'" phone.


Let me give you a breakdown of what has happened so far... we'll start with the prequal... A long time ago (Sept. 12th) in a galaxy far far away... (that's all I got for jokes)


1) I placed iPhone 6+ Preorder with Apple on Sept. 12th.

2) Then I had to cancel the preorder after talking to an AT&T rep who advised me to switch to AT&T Next.

3) I replaced my order on Sept. 13th.

4) And again, I had to cancel again to switch over to the AT&T shared family plan.

5) Replaced another order for the iPhone the same day (Sept. 13th).

6) Had to cancel one last time (on 9/13) as there was an error with how much I was going to be charged for data. AT&T advised me to cancel to avoid delays with the new iPhone due to contract issues.


Now this is where it starts to get interesting..

7) 9/14... I can no longer place an order for the new iPhone 6+, as AT&T Next is still activated on my account. Now I started to think why did I even listen to AT&T in the first place!

8) I called a customer service rep on Sept. 14th who told me that it would take about 1-2 weeks or 1-2 billing periods to have the contract reversal take place. This did not sound right, so I asked to speak to the manager. The manager looked into the account and told me that it should actually take 24-72 hours to be processed. So I waited 72 hours...

9) I called customer service again on Sept. 17th about a contract reversal after it was still not reversed. After they looked further into my account, the customer service rep determined they would need to open a case for the reversal. (case #1)

10) The case was closed and they were unable to process my reversal. They informed me that the pre-ordered phone needed to be shipped back in order to process the reversal. I informed AT&T that it was never shipped in the first place as it was a pre-order. After looking into my account, they submitted another case (case #2).

11) I waited another 72 hours to check on the status of my case. It was closed with no resolution. After speaking to another customer service agent they determined they needed to call Apple to confirm that it was closed. After speaking to a Apple rep who confirmed with AT&T that the phone was completely cancelled and was never shipped, AT&T submitted another case. (case #3)


12) Guess what happened?!? If you guessed I got screwed over again, then you were correct!! AT&T informed me that they can only process two contract reversals in a 12 month billing period due to the code in their system. What kind of company does not have a workaround to something as simple as cancelling a contract! After talking to another customer service rep and a manager, they reopen another case saying that a different department should be able to take care of it. Great. (case #4)

13) After a couple days of waiting I head into the AT&T store on 10/2 who inform me the case is still open and they can't do anything until it is closed. So I waited patiently another three business days for the case to be resolved.


14) I called again on 10/7 and AT&T tells me that the case (case #4) was actually closed on 9/26. How could this have been possible when an employee from the AT&T store told me it was open on 10/2?!? Anyways, this time AT&T stays on the phone with me as I talk to Apple, who is also confused why AT&T cannot reverse the contract, but will try something on their end. Apple tells me it should be completed in 24 hours, and AT&T tells me they are 'hoping' that this will fix it.

15) Nope. It still is not fixed. I even tried calling again today, which resulted in talking to a rep who said I would have to wait another 24-72 hours for the cancellation to be processed. When I informed him that the cancellation went through on the 9/13 he said I still would have to wait. After asking for a manager, I was informed that the manager would tell me the same information. I was then transferred to another department who put me on hold until closing time.


Needless to say, I am extremely frustrated with this experience. How many more AT&T reps will I need to talk to get my contract resolved? The world may never know.


Does anyone have any suggestions out there?

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Former Employee

Re: AT&T Horrible Customer Service...

Hello, schultze!


Thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear about your recent experience ordering a new device. We would be happy to review your account and get everything straightened out, so please click here to send us a private message with your contact information, the best time to reach you, and a brief summary of the issue.

You can expect a reply within two business days, so keep an eye on the little blue envelope icon in the top right corner of your screen. In the meantime, feel free to message me with any other questions or concerns.



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Re: AT&T Horrible Customer Service...

I would love to know if you were ever able to resolve this issue because I am having the same problem and it is completely absurd.

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Re: AT&T Horrible Customer Service...

I agree Your ATT is the biggest waste of space service is horrible and your customer service is worse I tried to pay a bill over the phone that you show went through the post office it was mailed on 9-24-15 I was on the phone for two hours getting disconnected and on hold just to pay a bill and then you want to charge me $5.  He said you could call back in a few days to see if the bill was received.  You people are crazy I never want to talk to ATT it is always an hour call your company sucks I am going to find another service. If you had to pay me for all the wasted time on the phone with u verse and ATT wireless you would have to give me free service on both for the rest of my life


I am also a marketing director, my son in law who is an internet guru will assist me in all these postings.  I will be posting all over the internet your service and billing problems.  For all the time you wasted over the years of mine I am going to hurt your business as much as I possibly can with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and every social site including Google Plus postings, Yahoo, and especially Rip off Report.

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Re: AT&T Horrible Customer Service...

Sorry long post.  TL;DR... Getting service through AT & T (a.k.a. AT & Fee) has proven to be one of the most frustrating and financially costly mistakes I feel I've made in my adult life. 


Full story:  I actually only called for a quote, but the sales person would not give me a quote without taking a fee for this or that so I had to give him my card number early on.  He then kept me on the phone for 2 hours and it was a horrible ordeal.  He literally would not let me get off the phone - he kept having to ask co-workers for help, we kept getting disconnected and he'd just call back.  By the end of it I found out I wasn't just getting a quote, he was making us go forward with the transaction.  But, the price we were given was less than what we'd been paying through TMobile.  We were also told that if we switched to AT & T we would get approx. $300 credit per line (we had five) for porting our numbers, and another $500 or so per phone for sending our phones in.  We told the sales person what we wanted plan-wise and were told our monthly cost would be about $170 plus tax.  We also went with the combined DirectTV bundle (which I have never had any issues with, by the way).


A month goes by, we get our first bill and it's almost $680 dollars.  After I got my heart started again, I called to fix this and I basically get scolded for complaining, as the rep tells me I have all these services and fees (which I never agreed to), rate plans (again, never agreed to)... she argues with me for about an hour telling me they sent me emails which I 'accepted' and there's nothing they can do - this went on through 4 different reps and supposedly a manager.  All very rude and 'Well, it's too bad you were MISINFORMED but we can't change the rates for you'.  When I pointed out that $680 is a whole lot of misinformation and seems more like being lied to, I got the verbal equivalent of a 'so what' shrug from the AT & Fee rep.  Finally I got in touch with their retention department after a few days of calling, and that rep fixed most of it quite graciously (thank you, unnamed rep - I wish I had made better notes as you were the one bright spot in all of this and I'd like to give you proper credit).  I thought it was just a perfect storm of getting bad reps on the line, and believed it would be okay thereafter. 


Another month goes by and my bill comes in - I believe it was over $380 this time.  Again, activation fees and plan fees and so forth that I did not agree to.  Called again.  THAT rep told me he could fix it, but could also move us up to a 15GB  shared plan for less money because they were running a special.  He promised, and I mean I asked him TWICE to promise me there would not be surprise fees, a hidden charge, etc. as a result of this change - it was to cost me nothing more.  Ever.  He promised the price was 'fixed' for me at $80, same as I'd been charged for the 10GB plan.  He assured me it would be fine, no issues, and even laughed when I asked him again.  I felt I'd done my due diligence, agreed to it and thought it was sorted.


Another month goes by and - surprise!  Sure they gave me the 15GB plan, but they charged $20 more for it plus another $40 in more fees and crap I did not agree to.  I call to fix it, again, and I'm told not only that there is no such 'special' as was mentioned by the previous 'rep', but that our family data usage was over the 10GB so we would have had to change to the 15GB 'anyway'.  I tried to explain it wasn't the GB that was the problem - it was the fact that I'd been outright lied to about the cost, and this wasn't the first time.  This was by now an obvious and consistent theme of what appeared to me to be sales fraud and I would no longer give them the benefit of the doubt or chalk it up to a rep just being human and making a mistake.  I told her that I was completely fed up and wanted to cancel, as she agreed even if she adjusted my bill by $20 this month, I'd just have the same issue the following month because she would not/could not change the rate plan - plus, now I couldn't go back to the 10GB plan because I'd switched to the 15GB plan.  Yet another tidbit the prior rep neglected to mention.  Oopsie!!  Tee hee!  Mind you, this whole time we were supposed to be on a 'Next' plan which is not a contract.  She then proceeds to tell me that no, one of the lines (my daughter's) is in fact on a 2 year contract so now we get to pay $800 for leaving AT & Fee - also known as, the convenience of no longer getting - what was their word for it - misinformed in increasing increments on a monthly basis.  And, yet again she brings up these emails they supposedly sent that I 'accepted' and not two minutes later, when I tell her I want all this in writing, has the absurdity to ask me in a considerably rude tone what my email address is.  I know this post is very passionate, but if anyone is actually reading this, I specifically told each rep along the way 'I am not blaming you, I just need help fixing this mistake' and never used phrases like 'you people' or even 'you' - I never swore, never raised my voice.  In other words, I made concerted efforts not to be rude but got no such consideration in return with one or two exceptions.  Basically, 'here, let us lie to you and essentially steal from you, but you'd better not question us'. 


We still have not received our 'credits' from the porting of our numbers, and despite having delivery confirmation, they continue to deny receipt of (and refuse to give us credit for) the FIVE phones we sent in which included a fairly new Iphone 5. 


I absolutely cannot believe the shoddy, ridiculous, mean, nasty, deliberately misleading and unprofessional behavior of this company and the majority of its employees who (MIS)handled my account.  This has been, without a doubt, the worst customer experience I have ever had.  After each and every interaction, I'd get these asinine texts asking me 'How would you rate our service?'.  Geez, what a joke.  Totally lied to me time and again, completely misrepresented nearly everything about the program at each and every turn, practically blamed ME for their incompetence and lack of scruples, and ultimately left me so angry and frustrated - not to mention feeling more than a little victimized - that my husband and I considered talking with an attorney.  But, as I'm sure AT & Fee counted on, by the time I get through paying their ludicrous, trumped-up cancellation fee in order to avoid being reported to a credit bureau (because I had the audacity to decide I didn't want to be - to use their phrase again - misinformed - every blessed month) I don't have the funds left in our family budget to be able to hire a lawyer. 


My experience with AT & Fee has been horrible and I honestly hope that whomever is actually in charge, who knows about these inane, reproachable practices and not only condones but probably rewards the behavior of these employees guilty of perpetuating these atrocious sales and service practices, gets called to task on it.  And I certainly don't want to receive some ineffective and meaningless 'We're so sorry to hear about your experience' email or text from some AT & Fee service bot.  Nor do I expect to receive any pithy warning emails from AT & Fee about this post.  Look up the definition of fraud - it is wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain. If you can honestly tell me you think the above doesn't qualify, in my humble opinion you might want to consider either stopping your meds or doubling your dose.


[Edited to comply with Guidelines]

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Re: AT&T Horrible Customer Service...

1. ATT UVERSE customer since '09 called to cancel service & was told Direct TV had a better deal so I scheduled an appointment for 12-4 on Sunday, 2/28.
2. The tech "no show" & "no called."
3. Next appointment Tues, 3/1, " no show" & "no called."
4. Called superv & he stated will check on next available date & no return call.
5. Called to complain to retention but was transferred over to ATT wireless phone.
6. Spoke with retention & retention put me on hold for 10 mins, so I hung up.
7. Called back to ask what's going on & cancel the order & a refund for paying for the boxes in advance.
8. On the phone tonight from 6-8:30 & found out they schedule for the techs to come on 3/8 & 3/15 & I didn't know about this appointment.
9. This is the worst service I have ever, ever seen in my life!!!!!

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Re: AT&T Horrible Customer Service...

The Customer Service is worse than Horrible. I am going to port my number over to Straight Talk tomorrow. I can pay a lot less and get a crappy service for a better price. Why would I continue to pay ATT as much as I do for the horrible service when I can get crappy service from a company that will charge me almost 2/3rds less? It is insane the # of hours I spend on the phone with ATT every 60-90 days, either about billing, the phone, or the service. I am sure that some of the staff could be wonderful people, but for some reason I get stuck with Stan and Laurel Hardy. Dumb and Dumber. I am done.

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Re: AT&T Horrible Customer Service...

You should be ashamed to have yourself associated with AT&T.  I worked 20 years ago for Bellsouth and customer service was number 1 priority.  People would get fired and walked out for being rude to a customer.  What ever happen to paying a little more to get good service.  I have been a loyal customer for 3 years.  I have upgraded my phones (5) lines over and over again.  Have paid religiously on time (autopay) Wireless and Uverse customer.  Within the past 24 hours I have been hung up on, spent over 5 hours on the phone.  I was insulted scream at lied to and refused to be transferred to a manager.  Once I get a manager on the line, she transfers me to the retention department again explain the whole situation again and got transferred to a manager again in retention who basically told me if you don't like it lady we will be happy to close your account.  Since when is it ok to lie to good paying customers.  Since when is it good policy to lose clients by giving them bad customer service.  Well I guess it is ok because I am on my way to Verizon to get my service connected with them.  Verizon is willing to pay for my contract termination fees and they seem to be up to providing the service that I should have gotten from you.  I will write in every blog, call help me Howard in channel 4 and scream from the mountain tops how badly I was treated. I will also escalate this situation to AT&T corporate.   You messed and lied to the wrong person this time.  I will be very happy to discuss this with anyone who is interested you may reach me at ***


[Edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, employee ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.]

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ACE - Expert

Re: AT&T Horrible Customer Service...



I have to say I'm shocked and skeptcal when I see posts like this.  I've never been treated unpleasantly by any company ever, certainly not in my interactions with ATT.  I did leave Verizon in a huff because they didn't provide the discounted service that ATT offered over 2 years ago.  But that was not a fault, it was just their price policy didn't make sense.


I don't know what happened, if it was ATT fault or your lack of understanding.  I do know that on the rare occasion they mess up, they don't mess up a little bit - they really royally screw it up.


Verizon is a great service company, but please be aware, a big company just like ATT, and you need to be an educated consumer or you will have problems again.  



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