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AT&T Customer Data For Sale


AT&T Customer Data For Sale

Why is AT&T allowing our personal information to be sold on the black market?!


This is ONE example website that is selling it:  


[removed questionable site link - available internally]


Anyone can sign up, buy some credits and order the information which would allow someone complete access to an AT&T account.


Here is the example they provided in a spam email I was sent:



IMEI: 0139830011XXXX

Phone number: 817504XXX

Full name of account holder: VIKXXX DOMAKXXXX

Last 4-digit of SSN number: 03XX

Billing Zip Code: 76XXX


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Re: AT&T Customer Data For Sale

I wouldn't say that AT&T is "allowing" the information to be sold, any more than banks are "allowing" credit card numbers to be sold on the black market.  There's a reason that these activities are referred to as illegal: they are being done without permission.

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Re: AT&T Customer Data For Sale

You're not even close.

Hacking computer information systems is pretty much beyond the control of system administrators.

The sale of data kept on AT&T systems is the fault of none other than AT&T itself and can be easily stopped. All AT&T needs to do is set up a fake account on their network and pay the illegal source to retrieve that info, while monitoring who accesses the account.

It's literally 10 minutes of work at virtually no cost.
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Re: AT&T Customer Data For Sale

OH MY GOSH!! That is how that happened to me!! I thought I had a virus and account got hacked.


Thank you so much for the information-


I wonder why the link was deleted- can you resend it

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Re: AT&T Customer Data For Sale

I am sorry but I had such a bad experience with AT&T that I lost all trust, thay seem to have lost touch and interest for their customers. Sorry, it is sad,m that is how they reward loyalty: selling you more services!! charging you more!! ...and who knows how much they invest in protecting your data...

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Re: AT&T Customer Data For Sale

...oH! wait a second, sure they may want to charge you more to protect your data! another 10 bucks a month or so... why not?

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