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15 years customer now leaving


15 years customer now leaving

Been a loyal customer for 15 years.  Today I went to go look at upgrades and realized I cannot get a BASIC phone.  My wife and I have had 4 phones for awhile now and the only way to do it is by the Basic Phones.  There is NO WAY in heck I can afford an extra $20 PER PHONE for a data plan.


So after 15 years I am saying goodbye.  Going to another company that isn't going to mess up  their customers.

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: 15 years customer now leaving

We still have Basic phones

You can see without even logging in

Shop AT&T, -> View all Cell Phones & Devices -> (on the left) Sort by Style ->  Basic Phones (no data plan required).


Example of these phones

Pantech Swift

LG Xpression

Pantech Breeze IV

Pantech Renue



You're definetly right, manufacturers have realized there's more money in smartphones, so those types of phones dwarf basic phones


In fact, the new plans AT&T setup will probably be less expensive for your basic phones.

Check it out www.myattrpc.com

(Especially the 300mb)



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Re: 15 years customer now leaving

Same here. Loyal customers are nothing. 

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