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wifi puzzle


wifi puzzle

We have had att working on this problem for a week now and our internet provider so far no luck so any suggestion is appreciated. A little back ground we had been with straight talk for three years and had our phone number released and joined my daughter and son in laws plan.We have had our phones for about 3weeks now the first week they worked fine. We had to get a new internet router because our lap top wouldn't load wifi but our phones would but now with
our new router our phones can't use the internet via our wifi we can go anywhere else and connect to wifi and anybody else can connect to our wifi. We did factory resets go our phones had our internet provider here for two hours and everybody can use ours but us. Attsent us new phones they still don't work now att is sending us a differ ant brand of new phone. Its so unusual nobody can figure it out. Can the problem be connected to my husbands and mine phone numbers I just don't know.
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Re: wifi puzzle

Hi debcrawley,


Thank you for your post in our forum.  I am sorry you are experience these problems.  If you could send a Private Message to AT&T CustomerCare along with your account number and email address, someone will check into this and get back to you as soon as possible.  Again I apologize for your inconvenience.  I have included a link to AT&T CustomerCare.



AT&T CustomerCare

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Re: wifi puzzle

It sounds like your router is not broadcasting a signal that is capable with your phone. There are two things you need to check. First what kind of phone are yall trying to connect to the router with? Second, what model is your router? Basically, because of the tug of war over wireless spectrum (aka space for data over wifi), wireless "standards" take forever to get finalized. This is problematic for a variety of reasons but I wont bore you any further with the politics of communally owned wireless spectrum and who has the rights to said spectrum.
Anyway, you want to find out what wireless standard your router is broadcasting on. Second, you want to know if your router has any sort of security implemented. If it does, make sure it is WPA2 and that it is in "capability" mode. That is, if your phone cannot use, for instance, wireless n networks or networks that are solely on the 5ghz band, you are going to need to make sure that your router is "falling back" to wireless g at 2.4 ghz if necessary. Also, a lot of newer wireless devices don't like WEP networks (apple especially). If you post back what your setup looks like, I can have you up and moving in a few minutes.
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