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(visual) Voicemail on Windows Phone 8 (Nokia Lumia) - How to save messages?


(visual) Voicemail on Windows Phone 8 (Nokia Lumia) - How to save messages?

Seems like AT&T is unsing a different voicemail system on my Lumia WP8 phone than what I had on a feature phone in the past. With the new system I don't have to call in a number to listen to my voicemail and press keys on my phone to delete, skip, save, etc.. Voicemail now comes directly on my phone!


Well, the problem it also gets deleted by ATT directly from my phone and without heads up that ATT will delete my voicemail after 30 days.


  • How do I save importnat messages?
  • Does ATT tells customers in any way when we sign up for wireless service that visual voicemail is auto removed from their phones after 30 days?
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Re: (visual) Voicemail on Windows Phone 8 (Nokia Lumia) - How to save messages?

Here is the page for visual voicemail for windows:


"AT&T Visual Voicemail for Windows


AT&T Visual Voicemail messages are delivered directly to 4G LTE Windows devices. You can store up to 40 Visual Voicemail messages, with a maximum length of two minutes per message, on your 4G LTE Windows device. Messages are stored for 14 days."



Unfortunately Windows Phone doesn't have any way to back up voice mail messages - you could play them back via speakerphone and record them using the mic on a laptop or PC, which is really not very elegant, but at least would work.



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Re: (visual) Voicemail on Windows Phone 8 (Nokia Lumia) - How to save messages?

Yeah, looks like that - sitting in a quiet closet with ATT GoPhone on speakerphone and my laptop mic rolling - would have been beter if not also more elegant than losing the messages all together.

I just wished (!) ATT would have made a tiny bit of effort (one one-thousandth of their marketing efforts?) to let me know that the voicemail is NOT stored on my Windows Phone, even though the user interface invites you to think that and looks like IT IS stored locally.

Why in the world are we still at this medieval point where snippets of the voices of our loved ones or just important messages from our dentists' offices are wiped out by ATT while my phone has 19.5Gb of free storage?

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Re: (visual) Voicemail on Windows Phone 8 (Nokia Lumia) - How to save messages?

BTW, having searched the web for a solution I came across many articles of dying parents or childred in fatal crashes who had left voicemails behind which were the only animated memory of their presence in people's lives. (Here is particularly well written and much disturbing one:


Surprised the FCC is still not on it. It is already 2014, ffs! Or is Mr. Jim Cicconi that good that the protective governement agency is oblivious to the overdue lack of accessible and user friendly tech solution for retaining voicemail messages? Afterall, not everyone wants or even can sit in a quiet closet with mics rolling to save their voicemails.


On, a funny note (or maybe not so funny for some): Isn't there a backup copy on a goverment server somewhere in Utah? I'd love to use that to recover my important voicemail!

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