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using iPhone 5 SIM in MyFi Liberate

using iPhone 5 SIM in MyFi Liberate

I have a iPhone 5 on a grandfathered unlimited data plan. Don't want to jail break it, looking at buying a ATT MyFi Liberate hot spot. The iPhone 5 as a micro SIM, wondering if I get a SIM adaptor to full size, then plugged the iPhone 5 SIM into the liberate would it work.


I hardily use voice, normally lest than 15 minutes a month, but I get a lot of corporate email so would like to bounce between my iPhone,iPad and laptop. 


Anyone else done this and does it work?


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Re: using iPhone 5 SIM in MyFi Liberate

Your iPhone 5 actually has a Nano SIM, which is a bit smaller than a Micro SIM, so keep that in mind.

I do not believe you would be able to use your MiFi on your grandfathered unlimited data plan. On the network, you are in an LTE-capable iPhone data plan. The MiFi would more than likely require a hotspot only data option for it to successfully connect to the network, and there isn't an unlimited option for dedicated hotspot devices.
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Re: using iPhone 5 SIM in MyFi Liberate

Won't work. A phone SIM and data plan are not compatible with the hotspot.

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Re: using iPhone 5 SIM in MyFi Liberate

A friends of mine as the Verzion grandfathered unlimited plan he no longer wants, going to transfer that to me.


You can use any 4gLTE SIM in ANY device on there network, some fcc ruling with 700 mhz.


So just going to take the SIM and put in a Version jetpack


Will be canceling my AT&T once done.


Thanks for the info

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Re: using iPhone 5 SIM in MyFi Liberate

AT&T is also speed limiting data on unlimited plans to 3G per month or 5G on LTE networks. Also make sure you read your contract if an I divi dual account can be used for business without changing to a new rate plan
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