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unlocking s3


unlocking s3


I have an ATT galaxy s3. I also bought a new phone. I want to sell my S3. I have an unlock code from att. I have a net10 sim (ATT Compatible), but it is not activated. When I put it into the S3, it does not prompt me for the unlock code. Do I need an active SIM or a completely different SIM like TMobile?

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Re: unlocking s3

When referring to unlocking a device, there are three specific types of unlocks that are separate and unique:

  • Carrier unlock: To unlock your AT&T device to work on another carrier's network, submit a device unlock request. You can also submit this request if you want to travel internationally with another carrier's SIM in your device.
  • Device screen unlock: You can require a PIN, password, or pattern to unlock your device screen to protect your device against unauthorized use.
  • SIM unlock: For additional security beyond a screen lock, you can require a PIN code to prevent your SIM from being used in any device without entering the PIN code. If your PIN code is entered incorrectly more than three times, your device will request a PUK code (PIN Unlock Key) in order to unlock the SIM.

You do need an active SIM Card. You can get these SIM Cards in store for both traditional service as well as for GoPhone plans. If you are looking for a traditional style plan you can also get the needed SIM for free online here as well as choose plans.

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