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speaker volume


speaker volume

I can hardly hear when some one calles whether on speaker or not, I have taken to ATT store and they keep resetting phone to no avail. This is just with calls, If listening to music sound is great

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Re: speaker volume

Have you checked all your sound settings? If so and this is an iPhone then it's best to make an appointment with the Apple Genius bar. AT&T does not repair iPhones. Here is a link to find your nearest Apple Store to make an appointment.


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Re: speaker volume

Hi dutch 1099,


What kind of case are you using? Many cases, including many waterproof cases can affect the sound quailty of the device.


If you have a screen protector, make sure that it is cut properly for your device and not blocking anything.


If none of those apply, Apple will be your best bet. They handle all repair work for all iPhones.


Hope Everything works out of for you!

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Re: speaker volume

Your problem is not clear, please describe how your phone sount got damaged.

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Re: speaker volume

You did not share how your phone sound got damaged.

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Re: speaker volume

It didn't get damaged. One day the phone rand and when i answered it i could barely hear the person on the other end. it was that way for a few days until I took to ATT store and they showed me how to rest it. then it worked for a few days and then did it again. It is just phone calls  that has low volume, music is great. I guess I will have to take to Apple

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