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smart limits to block numbers


smart limits to block numbers

How do I log into smart limits to block numbers on my phone.  I am having a very hard time and I don't consider myself myself computer illiterate.  Someone PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!


Sincerely and going crazy,


Debbie Simpson

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Re: smart limits to block numbers

Hello Debbie, welcome to the Forums! First go to


To manage Smart Limits on each subscribing line:

  1. Select myAT&T at the top of the page. If prompted, log in. Don't have a myAT&T login? Register today!
  2. From the I want to drop-down list, select Manage my plan & services, and then select Manage Smart Limits.
  3. Set limits for any of the following:
    • Text Limits - Specify the number of text messages that can be sent and received from numbers not included on the phones allowed list.
    • Purchase Limits - Select the dollar amount limit for mobile purchases.
    • Data limits - Enter a dollar amount or MB/GB limit for Wireless Internet access from the phone.
    • Time of Day Restrictions - Select the days and times the phone cannot be used. Incoming calls are allowed at all times except from blocked numbers. Numbers on the Allowed list do not apply to the time-of-day restrictions.
    • Allowed Numbers - Enter up to 15 numbers you want the phone to be allowed to call or text, regardless of other restrictions.
    • Blocked Numbers - Enter up to 30 numbers you do not want the phone to be allowed to call or text, regardless of other restrictions.
  4. Select Submit after setting each limit.

If alerts are turned on, the user will receive alerts when they approach or exceed the set limits for:

  • Text messages (SMS)
  • Data
  • Purchases

If you need help configuring Smart Limits, call us at 800.331.0550 or 611 from your AT&T wireless device.


Thank you,


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