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sim card

i was in the US in october, and will be heading back there december/january. can i use the same sim card i had for my australian phone... not sure of the number i had.
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Re: sim card

Hello, fly40!


Just to clarify: the SIM you had in your Australian phone is an AT&T SIM? If it's an AT&T SIM that has been active in the last three months, you should be able to simply refill it.


Do you happen to know your account number, since you've forgotten your phone number? When you were here in October, did you refill your prepaid account online? If so, you should be able to log in online and find out your number.


It may just be easier to set up a new account and pick up a SIM from any AT&T corporate store. Let me know if this helps!



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Re: sim card

I have since found phone numberfhave also sent you PM about this issue with more information.
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