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required/free upgrade? 2g vs. 3g? gsm bandwidths, etc.


required/free upgrade? 2g vs. 3g? gsm bandwidths, etc.

well, my username says it all. i'm the owner of a 13 yr old nokia that's still going strong with crystal clear calls. even talked to at&t themselves, and the techie was surprised at how clear i sounded. the phone itself only has gsm 1900. it has no internet, and i do not use it to text. i do not want a smart phone.


i received a message from at&t stating that i have about 1 month to upgrade to a 'free' phone or my phone will no longer work. i am on a shared plan. the other phones, one of which is about 8 yrs old (it has internet, it's an old feature phone), did not receive this message. the person i share the plan with lives in a different town than me, so maybe that has something to do with it? we are out of contract and wish to remain that way.


well, here's my issues. i am hearing a bunch of different replies as to what to do. first, i've been told that 2g will be shut off, and i will need a 3g phone. then, i was told by a sales rep in store i had to buy one of their new att 3g phones, and nothing else would work. i was also informed that these newer free att phone options only had 3g and if i was in a 2g area, the phones wouldn't work at all. i'm assuming for phone calls too? well, gee, that's ridiculous if i go to another part of the state! then i was told by a different person they're only shutting down the 1900 bandwidth and that's why my phone wouldn't work and that this 2g/3g stuff was nothing of my concern, because i don't use internet on my phone.


so, has anyone received such notification on their phone? particularly relating to a phone that does not have a data plan?

does 2g/3g have anything to do with phone calls?

will a nokia gsm 850 / 1900 bar phone still work? (mine has only 1900 on it) what are up those other bandwidths for newer phones i see?

they are offering a 'free' phone, BUT i am concerned they won't block internet on it, and i possibly may be put back into a contract. has this happened to anyone getting a free upgrade phone? they're only offering one 'free' phone without a data plan: lg a340.

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Re: required/free upgrade? 2g vs. 3g? gsm bandwidths, etc.

What AT&T is doing from my analysis of reading some tech/engineering forums is AT&T is decreasing 2G/EDGE spectrum and re-purposing it for 3G+ UMTS/HSPA+ spectrum. So yes they want you to upgrade to a 3G phone before your service will get worse. You can go into the store and get the cheapest one. Any of the models can have internet blocked on it by customer service. You can also block it by going into the settings and block data access. No plan changes are needed, just phone upgrade. All GSM phones with 3G are backwards compatible with 2G. AT&T also advertises this as HSPA+ 4G. 

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