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refill card expiration time


refill card expiration time

I purchased the Samsung a157 phone and chose the .10 cents a minute, as i dont make many calls. it show it as having no monthly charge. I purchased a $25 card thinking that it would last me quite awile at .10 cents a minute. Once I activated shows it will expire in 90 days. From reading the plans...i thought it would just charge me .10 cent a minute when i used the phone. If the $25 expires in 90 is not the plan i want. I just need a cell phone rarely. I probably dont use a cell phone more than 4 or 5 times in a 90 day span. $25 is more expensive than i had planned. I can go back to Tracfone with cost like that.

Is there a plan for someone that hardly ever uses the phone? If so, which would that be? I dont understand the 10 cent a minute and showing no monthly charge, yet if it expires in 90 days, isnt that like a monthly charge?



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Re: refill card expiration time

I'm not an expert about Prepaid plans but it seems to me the only Prepaid options so as to not have a monthly "plan" would be the 10 cents a minute or $2.00/day option, from what I just read. Here's a little info about them...


10 cents a Minute Plan


$2.00 Daily Unlimited Plan


I also found this information that may be helpful to you.


You should be able to contact Customer Care by dialing 611 and have them change your Pay As You Go "Plan"to a less costly one if you'd like. It seems, since you added the $25 card, that's why it's telling you that it will expire in 90 days. 



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Re: refill card expiration time

 That is nothing to do with the plan,it is the refill cards.


If you put in a $100 refill card, the credit will not expire for 365 days.

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Re: refill card expiration time

Yep, the refill card expiration amounts are the problem. You're on the best plan for your needs. I would recommend adding $100 to your prepaid account. I know It may seem like a lot money, but you wouldn't have to worry about expiration dates for an entire year.

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