people can't hear me on my HTC one

people can't hear me on my HTC one

I am having issues with my HTC one when I am on a conversation and hold my phone with my shoulder other people tell me I sound like I am on a tunnel. Wondering if anyone else had had this issue. This is my3rd phone. Had a different phone got this one through warrant and having this issue. Wondering if anyone else had had this problem and how they got it resolved. Thanks.
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Re: people can't hear me on my HTC one

Hello, rebekahl24!


I'm afraid that your mobile device isn't really designed to be pinned between your shoulder and your ear, so the audio distortion is to be expected in that scenario.


Perhaps a bluetooth device would serve you better. There is a wide variety of bluetooth headsets available, from the LG Tones to the Motorola Sliver.


I hope that helps! Feel free to message me with any questions or concerns!



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Re: people can't hear me on my HTC one

Thanks. Iv actually ended up having other issues with my HTC one......and I
do feel that you should be able to hold your phone with your shoulder and
be able to talk and the other person should be able to hear you. With that
being said I have had some other issues with it and will be receiving a
different brand phone. Thank you for your reply.

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