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out of market


out of market

Wondering if att started allowing numbers on share plans out of market on regular accounts? I know you could on business accounts but I've heard they include regular accounts now but I'm not completely sure. I have two family members out of state and market that want to combine a plan on att. I called and the rep said you had to have the same area code phone numbers on the account even if they were same market, so now I'm a little confused.
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Re: out of market

There was a response in another thread that they have changed it to allow us to have different markets on same account. i contact chat support in november and they told me it's possible now. Haven't officially tried it though. 

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Re: out of market

I think the rep was confused, we changed it in November, so that's no longer required, generally..

Some of the older plans will get stuck, so that might've also caused issues. Sometimes they just need tweaks to make it possible.


I can't say why, but if you check back, or use a different channel, it should be able to be fixed. Probably


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