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need help with a broken phone?!


need help with a broken phone?!

I got a Samsung galaxy s4 with the next program in September 2013 I'm not too happy with this phone, it freezes a lot and now when I talk to someone it cracks real loud and also shuts off. Of course I didn't get insurance plan or anything. And I'm not sure what I can do if they could replace it? I would love to go back to iPhone 4s. What is there I could do?
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Re: need help with a broken phone?!

If you're still under warranty you could try that...  You could try doing some trouble-shooting yourself or have a technical support agent (over the phone or in the store) assist you with it.

"If you don't participate in the insurance program you're still responsible for the remaining unpaid balance of the lost or damaged AT&T Next smartphone. Your existing installment plan will continue to be billed monthly or you may pay off the remaining balance. After the installment plan is paid in full, you may then purchase a new smartphone with an AT&T Next installment plan or choose to buy a new smartphone with a two-year agreement." -(AT&T Next Information)


There's also a possibility (depending on your credit) for you to open another line on your account to get another device, but you'll still have to continue to pay off the Samsung.

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Re: need help with a broken phone?!

I would strongly recommend paying off the remaining balance of the S4 (if you haven't already) and purchase either a new or used iPhone. Short and sweet, I would ditch it as quickly as possible.

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