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iphone 4s personal hotspot setup


iphone 4s personal hotspot setup

I just upgraded my iphone 4s to the 5gb data plan with personal hotspot. When I go to click the 'Set up personal hotspot' option it tells me to either call ATT or go to the website. I have been searcing the website for hours & have found nothing that tells me how to set up my personal hotspot. Smiley Sad and I guess I am confused on how exactly a personal hotspot affects my data plan. If i connect my laptop to my personal hotspot will that use my 5gb of data? Or are devices connected to my personal hotspot able to use unlimited data? I have a Roku player that connects to my tv and uses WiFi to stream netflix, if I connect this player to my personal hotspot will I be able to stream netflix or will that use up all my data?

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Re: iphone 4s personal hotspot setup

You are limited to 5gb through your hotspot. If you go over, you are charged. That includes ANYTHING that goes through your hotspot.
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Re: iphone 4s personal hotspot setup

You are limited to a total of 5 GB transferred through the cell network. It can be all used on a phone, on a computer via the phone's hotspot, or any combination of use in between.

If your phone is truly set up for the hotspot, all you have to do is select the personal hotspot in settings and it will provide the instructions on the next screen for tethering, as well as the password to use to connect the devices. If you don't have the tethering data plan, selecting the hotspot in settings will give you a message that you need to call AT&T (to add the proper plan). If you added the correct plan, but still see the "call AT&T" message, it seems that the phone isn't recognizing that you have the proper plan. I'd try rebooting the phone to see if that fixes it. If not, you'll have to call AT&T to see what the issue is with the plan.
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Re: iphone 4s personal hotspot setup

I created an account just to explain my problem with this issue and how it was resolved.


I had an old data plan (2 gig iPhone Data) and recently changed to a mobile share plan. Whenever I tried to setup personal hotspot on my iPhone 5, it instructed me to contact ATT. I did, talked to customer service, was transferred to tech support where they told me it was basically an Apple issue. Frustrated, I looked online to find a solution, but could't find one that worked. I tried reseting network settings, restoring phone, etc. Still told me to contact ATT to enable hotspot.


Called ATT tech support the next day. Tech support said that my mobile share plan should have allowed my iPhone to use personal hotspot, but I explained to him that it still told me to contact ATT to set it up. Tech support "pushed" updates to my iPhone to ensure that old info was cleared and replaced with correct ATT network settings. I tried Hotspot again, but the same issue occurred.


Finally, tech support said he was going to change my data plan back to one that did not allow mobile share, and then change it back to the mobile share plan that I had. I turned my phone off for 3 minutes while he did that. Turned my phone back on, and the hotspot feature magically appeared and didn't tell me to contact AT&T!


So in conclusion, call ATT tech support and persuade them to change your plan to one without personal hotspot and then change it back to your current plan, as well as ensure network settings are up to date. If they tell you that it won't solve anything call again and speak to someone different until someone can oblige.


I was so frustrated with this issue and was on the verge of switching carriers, but thankfully this issue was resolved.


Hope this helps others who are having the same issue with personal hotspot!


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