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international features

I am convinced that no one at ATT understands how to set up an account to travel internationally.  All of the service support people that I have ever spoken to, have canned answers, have no clue how to save you money or how to avoid the high international charges.  I guess that would require some of them actually traveling overseas to experience the issues.


If they truly wanted to help you avoid these charges, they would set up a country package so it's a 1 click, option.  Traveling to Canada?  click here.  Going to Europe (in these countries) click here.  Mexico, click here.  Instead, I have to guess which options I need, read all the fine print,(which they all say the same things) and hope I have the right coverage.  And as I said above, their customer service is no help what-so-ever.

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Re: international features

ATT travel page seems to be very specific. Are you not sure which of the three calling categories you would fall under?


Option 1: 

AT&T Canada and Mexico Travel Minutes*

For making and receiving calls in Canada and Mexico.


Option 2: 

AT&T Europe Travel Minutes*,

For making and receiving calls in the Europe Region.


Option 3:

AT&T Rest of World Travel Minutes*,

For making and receiving calls in the Rest of World Region.







Q. How do I get International Services added to my account?

A. You may contact your sales representative or call Customer Care at866.MOBILITY. Say you are interested in activating International Services on your account.

To activate online at, log in and select - I want to…. Manage
my plan & services
 - Next, click Add or change a service. Review the International Services offer list, and select the packages that meet
your needs.

Certain restrictions apply.


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Re: international features

Its been over a year since I've setup my account for an international trip.  But the last time I did, once I started the process online, a chat window opened automatically and a support rep asked if I wanted help picking the options.  The person was very helpful in assisting me in selecting the proper options, start/end dates, etc.  The start and ends dates and the pro-rating was indeed the most confusing part.  If a chat window doesn't open automatically, look for a button to chat.


Alternately, you can call AT&T international services at 800-335-4685 to setup your account.  I will agree that the "regular" support reps don't know much about international features, and they should have forwarded you to the right department.  You should also keep the "non 800" number handy while you are travelling, in case you have connectivity issues while abroad:  916-843-4685.  This call will have to be made from a landline if your cell isn't connecting.  But they usually will offer to call you back so you don't get charged too extravagently on that landline.



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