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iPhone5 outbound voice quality


iPhone5 outbound voice quality

Upgraded wife's phone to an iPhone5 (from BB Torch) and now everyone she calls (or calls her) complains her voice drops off. Sound volume goes way down and distorts. I've tried several cases and still happens (Otterbox Defender being one of them). Works fine on speaker. Never tried it sans case yet. Anyone have experience with issue? Advice? Phone is currently running iOS 6.1.2.

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Re: iPhone5 outbound voice quality

Hi ameiurus,


I am sorry you are having trouble with you new I Phone.

"This sounds like an issue with the actual phone. If you're within the 14 day return period you can return it and exchange for a different device. If you're outside of the 14 days, you may qualify for our warranty exchange program. View the details here You can also send a private message to attcustomercare with your account number and best contact number and we'll contact you to complete troubleshooting."
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Re: iPhone5 outbound voice quality

Yea, I had the same issue, so does many people . It's hardware issue.  I'm hoping iphone 6 would elimitate this problem. Until then I'm using galaxy s3 phone. 

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Re: iPhone5 outbound voice quality

Go to the Apple store and have them check out the phone. to make an appointment.  


For service or support questions including existing order status, call:
Customer Support: 1-800-331-0500

Information on iPhone unlocking can be found here by copying this link into your browser:
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Re: iPhone5 outbound voice quality

I have used on-line help and gone to the Apple Store, all with very frustrating results. When someone calls me I can speak either for 2 minutes or for 30 seconds before my voice is not longer heard by the caller.  I am doing nothing else other than having a conversation. It is on the iPhone5 with the latest updates. I have reinstalled, reset and everything else and need to know what alternatives I have. The phones (my wife's does the same thing) were replaced this weekend after much ugliness and still the problem persists. They were purchased in November. I am at my wits end and am still not sure if it is hardware or AT&T. Even if it is not AT&T, they need to find a way to help customers!

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Re: iPhone5 outbound voice quality

Same here,

We have upgraded from the very 1st iphone and have had very dissapointing voice quality as well with the 5 models


My wife is a Psycho-therapist and she can't use it for her consulting without turning on the speaker.

The speaker is not appropriate for privacy concerns with clients.


Very disappointing considering other phones at this point



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Re: iPhone5 outbound voice quality

I have not had this experience with my iPhone 5, but this weekend, I saw my wife's (still on iOS 7.0.2) was having an issue with her screen lighting up while she was talking on her iPhone.  If this is happening to either you or your wife, it is possible that your iPhone is moving such that the proximity sensor is not seeing your ear and therefore it doesn't think that you are holding the iPhone to your head talking.  When that happens, it is very easy for your cheek to hit the mute button on the touch screen without you even realizing it.


Most of the time when I am talking on my iPhone 5, I am using the "ear pods" that came with it, so I don't have the issues of touching the screen with my cheek.  The few times I have not used the headset, I haven't had issues with my screen "waking up" but that doesn't mean anything either.  If you and/or your wife have your iPhone in a case, or have a screen protector, you can try removing them.  It is documented form Apple that some cases (and low quality screen protectors) do cause problems for the proximity sensor.  You may also have some coruption in your saved settings, so you might also try restoring your iPhone as a new device and seeing if the probem persists.  If not, then just manually re-load your applicaitons and other data.

Jerry B.


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