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iPhone billing question for detailed texting Sent/Received


iPhone billing question for detailed texting Sent/Received


I have a question regarding my to/from text messages in my detailed bill. I have an iPhone 4s and so does my friend. I was looking at my paper bill and noticed all my text messages to her from me show on my bill as "SENT." As in I sent her a text message. I had her show me her bill and almost every text on her bill says "RECEIVED." For instance on a particular day we were texting back and forth all day, however on my bill the texts I sent her are all there and say "SENT"    Then ...On her bill the texts only show up as "RECEIVED." So it looks as though I was sending her texts all day and she never sent me one text in return. This is not what actually happened though. She sent me just as many texts as I sent her but our bills make it look as though the texts were only going in one direction. From me to her.  Also....Almost all of her bill reads this way. Not just with the text conversations between her and I, but all her detailed text portion of her paperbill show only "RECEIVED" As if she received a bunch of text messages and texted nobody back at all...all month. Why is her bill showing only RECEIVED text messages??? Thats my question.  Also we found in her paperbill under data (where you also find the details of your text message use) she has "PHONE" under the To/From column (where peoples phone numbers would be if it were a text message) and  under "TYPE" it says Internet/Media Net and under the direction column it reads "SENT." Does this mean its the internet being used? Or is this a way of sending text messages without it affecting your monthly allowed amount of text messages? Like a way to use texting without it counting against your rate plan? Hope this made sense....anyone who knows what this all means ..thank you.

additional info...we both have iPhones (me 4s and her a 4) both with AT&T. 


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Re: iPhone billing question for detailed texting Sent/Received

If you're both on iPhones with the latest OS, you're sending messages through iMessage, which doesn't count against your text message allotment. 


If you take a look at your texts, you'll see that some of them are in blue and texts you send to people who aren't using an iPhone are in green. 


The blue is iMessaging and the green is actual text messaging. 


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Re: iPhone billing question for detailed texting Sent/Received


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I understand the blue and green text bubbles and that iMessage (represented by the blue bubble) doesn't count against my allotted minutes. But that still doesn't answer my question of: Why during a conversation with my friend, on my bill the whole page with her number being the recipient, my bill says SENT and on her bill they all say RECEIVED.  Meaning no where on her bill does it show her replying to my texts sent to her. I replied to her texts during a conversation, why doesn't My bill show RECEIVED messages from her? 


I know it doesn't really matter to know the answer to my question, but I just have this need to understand how sh|t works.. And being that no one can really answer it makes me want to know it even more... 


Also.. I have an unlimited plan, so if AT&T just doesn't show me all my sent AND received texts ..figuring it doesn't matter if I don't get to view them all on my bill each month since they're not counting against my minutes allotments anyways... Then why AT&T, do you show me any of my billed texts at all? Why is there a detailed bill if it's not accurate?


Thank you for you time. Heart



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Re: iPhone billing question for detailed texting Sent/Received

I have the same question...
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Re: iPhone billing question for detailed texting Sent/Received

I turned off my imessaging on my iphone 5, but there are still numbers that don't show up on my detailed bill.  Some of these are to phones that arent iphones also.

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