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iPhone Upgrade Mid-Contract


iPhone Upgrade Mid-Contract

Hello all,


I currently have the iPhone 5 and am 1 year through my 2 year contract. I'm looking to upgrade to the iPhone 5S when it comes out in the coming weeks. As I understand it, I am able to pay a $250 upgrade fee on top of the $200 for the new phone in order to get the new one. I am wondering if when I pay this upgrade fee if it will cancel my current phone contract essentially making my old iPhone 5 all mine. I ask because I then look to sell my iPhone 5 in some sort of trade in program for around $300. This means that in all I pay around $150 to essentially replace my phone. Is this correct or am I way off base?




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Re: iPhone 5S Upgrade

Linkgx1 wrote:

wingrider01 wrote:

Aybara wrote:

So I bought an iPhone 5 last year, and I can't find upgrade pricing on AT&Ts site yet for the 5S.


However, as the rumors have been floating that they won't offer the mid-contract upgrade this time, it seems the better deal is to jump ship for the 5S.


The 64GB iPhone 5S is $850 full price if I stay on AT&T.


If I jump to another provider, I pay my ETF of $200, and get new phone pricing of $400.  Which means I save $200 going to another carrier for the new phone.


All cell carriers in my area have equal service (except Sprint who doesn't have LTE yet).


So is AT&T seriously going to prefer that I bail to get a new phone rather than staying with them?

No they are not going to allow you to early upgrade, you signed a binding contract last year to get the phone at a discounted price. The have not offered a mid contract upgrade on the Iphone in years, there was not one on the 5, nor the 4s, nor the 4 nor the 3gs, there was no need for one on the 3G since original purchasers of the 2G paid full price for the device is I recall correctly.



I would say this is incorrect. They offered me an early upgrade for a $200 fee.....

early upgrade is 250.00, would not expect to get it for 200.00

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Re: iPhone Upgrade Mid-Contract

I went to the att store today and you can do early upgrades on iPhones for about $160 plus old iPhone trade in
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