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iPhone AT&T Services


iPhone AT&T Services

Probably a silly question, but in Settings>Phone>AT&T Services there are various numbers listed for checking your balance, minutes, etc. along with a button to connect to your AT&T account. None of these work for prepaid. Is there a way to update them to reflect the correct numbers?

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Re: iPhone AT&T Services

You're right, I never really noticed those before. I do know a few of them, though. I don't know if they can be programmed into the phone's menu system, but they can be dialed manually.

• To check your account balance, dial *777*1#
• To check remaining messages, dial *777*2# *not available to customers with unlimited messaging packages
• To check remaining data balance, dial *777*2#
• To check International Dialing minutes, dial *777*4#

Hope this helps!

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