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iPhone 5s orders, any problems?


iPhone 5s orders, any problems?

This is my first time upgrading, I switched to the Next plan because I always want something new. I went to check out and pay for shipping. The confirmation came up that the order was placed, I was only supposed to pay $15 for shipping. I didn't get an email but just seen my account was charged $65. I'm trying not to stress and just wait until I can call customer service in a few hours, but it's now its hard to sleep thinking about what's wrong.
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Re: iPhone 5s orders, any problems?

I believe you're charged the taxes for the phone up front when using the next program

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Re: iPhone 5 order issues?

I tried ot irder and iphone 5s on and it tells me that it cannot find my account. . so , i tried and it told me that i have a business account, which is not true. . . so, i cannot order an upgrade what do i do?

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Re: iPhone 5 order issues?

toyteq wrote:

I tried ot irder and iphone 5s on and it tells me that it cannot find my account. . so , i tried and it told me that i have a business account, which is not true. . . so, i cannot order an upgrade what do i do?

do you have any form of discount on your account? Seem to recall that some Corporate, federal or educational can sometimes flag an account as premier (business)

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Re: iPhone 5s orders, any problems?

Hello tangela81!  Thanks so much for your post!  We appreciate you registering for the forums.


FYI, I sent you a private message regarding the issue you experienced (see blue envelope, top right of your screen to access your private messages).


Please don't hesitate to respond back to my private message if you have any other questions or concerns.



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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: iPhone 5s orders, any problems?

By some weird accident, I woke up at 3am. I immediately ordered the 64GB gold for me and my wife. Shipping estimate is 7-10 days. From the looks of Twitter, if we had waited until we woke up at 7, we may have missed out on the gold for another month. I ordered both phones through the Apple Store app. No problems whatsoever.
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Re: iPhone 5s orders, any problems? ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS PROCESS

1. I called ATT every day about ordering IPhone 5S with the hope that I could get two reps to tell me the same information. Never happened. For instance, I was clearly told midnight New York time and then midnight Pacific Time. The latest information I got was that I could call in or go to business website (business account). Obvious I know. If I wanted any updates on latest information my carrier AT&T said AT&T would not provide them - go to apple web site. However, Apple web site doesn't recognize AT&T business accounts. So I know I can't use Apple web site to order.

2. OK so I have a web site and a phone number - and its 2:00 AM my time. Could there possibly be a worse time!!!

3. 2:00 in the morning I log in the web site 25 times and I keep getting dropped. Sometimes after I'm dropped the names of various other users pop up in my login ID box. Once I made it all the way to selecting the IPhone, but I was smothered in accessory options, data plans (didn't need since upgrade). Session died.

4. 2:30 AM - I called the AT&T Business phone number I had been using for the business account. It says "THE OFFICE IS CLOSED CALL BACK DURING NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS".

5. I give up and try to get some sleep to get up at 5:00 AM for work.

6. At work, I try a few times again; I manage to wade through all the sales trash during the purchase process. I finally, buy one. It looks like AT&T has added a data plan which I don't need (upgrade) and charge me an activation fee. I have been promised no activation fees on the business account. It's supposed to ship in 7-10 days. I have to go through all this to get it in 7-14 days. Maybe. I still remember AT&T promises about unlimited data.

7. I planned to buy three IPhone 5S, but I decide one is enough. No confidence in AT&T.

8. AT&T could greatly improve their process by going to a technology called the "FAX MACHINE".


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Re: iPhone 5s orders, any problems?

I completely forgot about tax, my order went through around 3:15 this morning, but it's backordered from Oct 1 to Halloween. I hope everyone has better lucky

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Re: iPhone 5s orders, any problems? soon after you were charged were you able to get the phone?

did you have to do anything else after they charged you?


we just recently did the same and would like to know whay the next steps are Smiley Happy




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Re: iPhone 5s orders, any problems?


     I ordered my phone on a Friday, I was charged the same day and I got my phone on Monday because I paid for overnight shipping. They should ship your phone right away if it's in stock

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Re: iPhone 5s orders, any problems?

Got it Smiley Happy Thank you much!


We ordered late on friday (same as you) and was just charged today...but our expected shipment data is 10/18 to 10/22.  No back orders on the email we got Smiley Happy


I guess I am just so excited Smiley Happy


Thanks again!

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Re: iPhone 5s orders, any problems?

I switched my wireless carrier to AT&T in order to get better service. I placed a new iphone5s Gold phone order on the first day it was released at an authorized AT&T store on 19 September 2013. Paid full amount with my credit card. The store representative took my license and made photocopy for records and he used the address on the license. The phone was on backordered by 4 weeks. I went ahead to sign the contract even with waiting time. In 4th week I received my order email with phone shipment tracking number. My long wait was about to end in two days as per UPS tracking details suggested. However on the day of the delivery we found no phone delivered and when checked tracking number online, it was written that shipment returned due to wrong shipping address(entered by AT&T store person). I called AT&T and the representative told me they don't know the solution and they will return my call in 10 mins. I did not get call from AT&T so I called UPS to request change my address or hold the package at the facility so I can ID myself and pick up. UPS said only sender can change the address and I should talk to apple. I called apple and they refused to take up my request since they don't handle any order placed other than apple store or apple website. Apple advised me to call AT&T and ask them.I called AT&T and the representative with braces on her both hands(she mentioned it) took my case. I was frustrated with the pace she was handling my case. It took her 30 mins to figure out my issue. She tried calling UPS and they refused to help her and said that they already send the shipment back to sender. She told me to talk to supervisor and put me on hold. I waited more than 45 mins to get to the supervisor while that representative holding the line to patch me to the manager. However after being on phone for 1 hour and 20 mins she was still telling me that manager is not free and kept me holding and waiting. After getting frustrated I decided to hang up. I still don't have phone that I paid. And don't know when i will get it. I think I made a big mistake switching carrier to AT&T . 

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