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iPhone 5S shipped


iPhone 5S shipped

Just got confirmation phones shipped through FedEx Checked their sight and phone is in Memphis, TN. It should not be long. Ordered mine at 1:58 am got on early?
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Re: iPhone 5S shipped

Just got my Fedex Tracking number,  will get phone Monday.  Ordered at 11:52PM opening night,   16G Gold Iphone 5s  Smiley Happy   Thanks  

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Re: iPhone 5S shipped

Mine finally gave me a fed ex number and shipment date of 9/21 and looks like it has shipped. However, my order status still says "processing", and I never got an email saying it is shipped. I order my wife a 5c and got the email saying it shipped and her order status says "shipped."


Is this what others have gotten? Or has AT&T confirmed the shipment? I am assuming mine is shipped just not sure why I haven't gotten confirmation from AT&T.

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Re: iPhone 5S shipped

i placed my order for an iphone 5s 64gb gold early and recieved the confirmation by 1:57am Central time but my ahipping date still shows oct1-30 not sure why it hasnt changed if i placed my order way before many people did. atill waiting for my status to change

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Re: iPhone 5S shipped

  • Placed my iPhone 5s order at 12:02AM PST on Sep 20 ("Shipping 1-3 days").
  • Got up in morning - credit declined.  Good credit card, but fraud alert.
  • Called Credit Card company.  All straightened out.
  • Logged into to fix the "issue with my order". ("Shipping 7-10 days")
  • Credit card declined.  Called credit card company.  I never use this card..
  • Called into AT&T Customer Support. All set. ("October").
  • Order says "October" for 2 days.
  • Sep 23 says "FedEx has shipped".
  • Tonight (Sep 24) iPhone on my front porch.  No signature!  Shame on FedEx...

I'm just saying.. its a roller coaster.  I now remember how it was just like this in 2011 (with my iPhone 4s..)

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Re: iPhone 5S shipped

What Iphone 5S did you order ?

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Re: iPhone 5S shipped

same thing happened to me, credit card issue, called them and card company twice, but you ended up luckier than I, Mine was cancelled around 11:30 after talking to my third customer service rep. who promised card had gone through and all was well.
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