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iPhone 5 incoming call issue

iPhone 5 incoming call issue

Occassionaly I am not receiving the incoming calls on my iPhone 5. The other side is hearing the ring tone and finally the call is getting redirected to voice mail. The caller is getting the impression that I am not taking the phone call.


The call is not reaching my phone. Unless the caller leaves a voice message, there is no trace for me to know that someone called me. There is no missed call in my call register either. Eventhough my cell phone has good signal tower, the problem is happening.


I am facing this issue for quite a long time and it is going to be about two months (since January 2013). When the issue is happening it continues for 30 minutes to about 2 hours in a stretch. The problem is getting resolved automatically by itself and coming back again. Restarting the device makes a temporary masking over the actual problem. It is working for sometime after the restart.


I called AT&T and they did some remote troubleshooting, it did not make a permanent solution. I was requested to contact Apple and Apple replaced my device already. The same problem continued, this time I got a new micro SIM card from AT&T and that did not make a change either.


Everytime I switch-off and switch-on the phone it is getting resolved, but sometimes the same problem is coming back within 3-4 hours.


Multiple times, the AT&T Customer representative found the problem as well (when they tried to call in my cell number), but they could not figure out the root cause. Is there any way from AT&T to trace the incoming calls to figure out where the link is getting broken or upto where the call is reaching ?


The issue is not particular location specific, as the problem is happening at my home, at my work and on the road as well (with full signal bars).


* My wi-fi is on
* My cellular data is turned off mostly
* I did reset on the network setting multiple times on both the iPhone 5 devices (old one and the replacement one)

* My phone shows decent signal tower (3 to 5 out of 5), when the issue occurs
* I restarted the device multiple times

* Apple replaced my device already

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Re: iPhone 5 incoming call issue

This is getting really frustrating, no one is able to track so far, about what is going on.... what is wrong.... the incoming calls are reaching how far.


It is really awkward that I am NOT getting even the very basic phone service properly, while I am residing at a technologically superior country (USA) and using the phone service from one of the oldest telecom company in the world and using the most advanced telephone device !!


Are we in 21st century now..... or still in the 18th century ????

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Re: iPhone 5 incoming call issue

Are you showing 3G,4G or LTE next to your signal bars?

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Re: iPhone 5 incoming call issue

I normally keep my cellular data turned off. Only when I need it (may be 5-6 times in a month) I turn it on and turn it off after I am done.


When I turn on the Cellular data, I normally see LTE.

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Re: iPhone 5 incoming call issue

Have you tried turning on and see if your experience is any better?

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Re: iPhone 5 incoming call issue

Is there a connection between cellular data and incoming phone call ? Was your suggestion to make some trial and error, or any wild guess. What if my phone does not have cellular data functionality.

Ofcourse there is no harm in giving it a try. I will turn-on my cellular data as per your suggestion to see if it helps.

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Re: iPhone 5 incoming call issue

Voice can be used on all radios but LTE can not do both data and voice at the same time on an iPhone and unless I am mistaken the phone will try to lock on to the strongest signal so yes there is a reason I said that.

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Re: iPhone 5 incoming call issue

Update: The issue is still happening after enabling the Cellular data.


The only difference I saw is the frequency of the problem has reduced since yesterday. But I am not sure if that change is related to enabling the cellular data. I will keep the cellular data on for few days to see if that helps.


Is there any way, can AT&T put a call tracer to figure out where all my incoming calls are going.... how far it is reaching for the whole day?


Can AT&T verify if my number porting (from T-mobile) was completely done in December last year.

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Re: iPhone 5 incoming call issue

I contacted AT&T and they do not want to trace my incoming calls to figureout the root cause.


No one from AT&T could confirm the successful number porting from T-mobile. Everytime the Customer service rep is asking me the same thing.... reset network setting of the phone.... try back-up and restore.... If my cellular data is turned-on then turn it off and see for few days..... next time when I called then they say turn-off the cellular data and see for few days. I am tired of redoing the things again and again and spending lots of hours of phone calls to the Customer service.


What are my options now ????

If the issue is not resolved (i.e. I am not able to receive phone calls now and then), and if I do not get the very basic phone service from AT&T, will they allow me to go to other network without paying the ETF ?


If the issue is fixed, I want to stay with AT&T. But if AT&T does not want to fix the problem and if I do not get the very basic phone service then what are my options ?

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Re: iPhone 5 incoming call issue

 Many other iPhone users are facing same problem.

There is a feature in iPhone "Do Not Disturb".
Settings -> Do Not Disturb
Disable following options:
Manual - If enabled, will silence all the calls hen iPhone is locked. Disable it
Repeated Calls - By Default "Repeated Calls" is enabled in iPhone I think. 
If repeated calls is enabled, a second call from the same number within three minutes will not be silenced.
Disable above three options in Settings->Do Not Disturb option and then see if it works fine.
Cheers !!!
Manshoo Mehra
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