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iPhone 5 No Service Issue


iPhone 5 No Service Issue

Short story – has anyone with an iPhone 5 had “No Service” issues and been able to fix it?


Long story – A couple of months ago they upgraded the towers to LTE and now the service is horrible.  Whenever my phone switches between LTE, 4G, and E it goes No Service first.  It is constantly switching so I cannot complete a phone call lasting longer than a minute.  It will also sit in No Service for extended periods since the tower upgrade.  I am the only one in the house with an iPhone 5.  The other phones are not experiencing this issue.


Has anyone had a similar problem?   How did you fix it?


I have called multiple times.  I have emailed.  I have chatted.  I have received no help on this issue.  A member of my family plan called them yesterday about this issue.  They said they would call me back on her phone at 7 to troubleshoot my phone.  They never did call.


Additionally, I have other problems since the “upgrades.”  The data usage is way off.  I have used a data counter and ATT is claiming I’m using considerably more than my counter shows.  I have tried to get credits for this but they say we will give you credits after we fix the phone.  They never fix the phone though so I never get the credits.  It’s like some weird Kafkaesque Catch-22. 


I am really so sick of the whole situation that I just want to switch to a different carrier.  I don’t want the cancellation fees though and I want to port my numbers.  I would think I wouldn’t be subjected to the fees because the service doesn’t work, but I’m sure there is some weird catch to that as well.


Thanks for any help

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Re: iPhone 5 No Service Issue

Have you taken it to an Apple Store for diagnostics just to rule out the phone?

Have you taken it to an AT&T store and try a new sim card?

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Re: iPhone 5 No Service Issue

Yes.  I also reset the network settings daily.  I don't think its the phone.  It works fine away from house.  When I am at home, in the area where the tower upgrades occured, is the only place I have problems.

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Re: iPhone 5 No Service Issue

When a voice call occurs, the iphone does a fall back onto UMTS (market terminology is 4G). So if you are seeing jumpiness between "4G" and "E", it sounds as if you are bouncing between a UMTS cell and a GSM cell. 


This ping-ponging between 2 cells can lead to call drops.


Given this situation, you may approach at&t and request for a Microcell box to be installed in your home. This microcell, is a box that boosts the UMTS signal at places where coverage is not so good.


at&t may want to charge you a one time fee for this box, but if you may be able to get this waived if you can prove that you have bad reception at home. A simple way to do this is to use another smartphone to video record your iphone5 go through its LTE-->4G-->E--> "No service" cycles.


This box radiates the UMTS signal and will auto adjust its radiation power so that it does not interfere with the UMTS signals outside the house. By having a stronger UMTS near you in doors, it should stop the bouncing between 2 different cells. Your phone should camp onto this stronger signal inside the house when you do voice calls (LTE switches over to "4G"). 


This box converts the UMTS signal into IP packets that goes over your existing high speed internet.


Hope this helps.

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Re: iPhone 5 No Service Issue

Thanks for the response.  That sounds like a good possibility.  

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Re: iPhone 5 No Service Issue

They are shipping the microcell.  I told customer service that I didn't think it would work because I don't have high speed internet.  I just have the wireless internet through ATT.  But we decided to give it a shot.  

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Re: iPhone 5 No Service Issue

Hi, I'm having the same problem, and I even replaced my phone (it's still under warranty), thinking that may help. Unfortunately no luck. Did the microcell work?

AT&T has been no help. In fact, they keep calling me on my cell (which has no service) rather than my landline, it is beyond frustrating.


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Re: iPhone 5 No Service Issue

Does turning off lte help you hold on to a better signal?
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