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iPhone 4S sleep button broke


iPhone 4S sleep button broke

My iPhone 4S sleep button suddenly stopped working.  I have my phone in a Lifeproof case to protect it so I didn't anticipate a problem after juse 1 1/2 years.  I went to the accessability settings and put a button on my screen as a work around to the problem of not being able to sleep my phone.  However, it is so much easier to just use the sleep button.  Has anyone else experienced this problem?  Any creative fixes?

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Re: iPhone 4S sleep button broke

  I've been the proud owner of a iPhone 4s for about 14 months now. Last week I had the same exact thing happen to my 4s. I did a little research and discovered that ,on average,  the sleep/wake/ power button seems to break right around the 13 month timeframe. There are a few options for repair and they all can be pretty costly. ($1.00 - $200).  Apple may do an out of warranty exchange for the low price of $199.99. There are a few "How To Video's" on YouTube that show you have to fix the problem for free. However, what I decided to do was take my 4s to local cellphone repair shop. (I must warn you that doing so will void any manufactures warranty that remains on the phone). Anyhow, The guy took my 4s apart and discovered that a screw had come loose around the the sleep button. The cost of the repair was around $28. My point is this could be something that is easy to repair and is worth the fix. 



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Re: iPhone 4S sleep button broke

Coincidentally or othewise, the sleep/power button on my son's iPhone 5 broke (no longer responds to any presses)--he had it in a Lifeproof case as well; the vibrate button isn't working smoothly anymore either--it doesn't have that firm "click" feeling when you slide the switch on/off but for now it still functions correctly, although I think it's only a matter of time before it too fails to function correctly.

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