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go phone unused messages deleted by at&t


go phone unused messages deleted by at&t

Our son has had a GoPhone for a couple of years now.  We refill his account every 3 months with a $25,00 phone card  and had the 200 message bundle on auto renewal. Currently there is far more money in the account than needed for the monthly feature package.

He uses his phone very little which is why we chose a prepaid for him and why he never used all of his messages in the bundle. They have been rolling over to the next month ever since he got his phone and last time I checked there were over 4500 unused messages on the account.

Yesterday he told me that he was charged 20 cents for a text message. When I checked his account I saw that  his feature package had been removed in January by AT&T. I called customer service and was told that it was removed because he is not using his phone enough and that he is not allowed to accumulate more than 3 months worth of messages. I cannot find that stipulation anywhere on AT&T's website. On the contrary, it states that >>
the package balance rolls over if renewed before the package expiration date<<. Since the feature package was removed by AT&T in January we lost all prepaid messages when the package should have renewed this month.

The customer service rep  filled his account with 2000 messages "as a courtesy"  but told me that we would probably run into the same issue again soon because " he already has more than the allowed 600 messages". ( 3 times the 200 messages/month). 

The next day I went to the local at&t store to talk to someone in person. He also did not know about the "3 months rule" nor could he find such a rule on the website, The local representative agreed that the prepaid messages should not have been removed,reinstated the 200 message automatic renewal feature and promised that it would renew and roll over without any further problems. While that replenished 200 of the lost messages we are still out about 2500 messages - roughly $62,00 worth. The rep stated that he was not authorized to add messages or money to our account and that I needed to contact AT&T directly again.

I did but was only told that 

if a line is not used for three consecutive months the 
user risks cancellation of the line of service

That was not the case as the phone is being used just about every day for a call and a couple of messages. He could also still make/receive calls and text ( for the non-bundle price of 20 cts), proof that the line was not cancelled. Only the prepaid, unused messages and the automatic renewal feature were taken away.

At this point we are out of $62,00 worth of prepaid, unused messages and are getting the runaround: phone rep to local rep to e-mail support without any results.

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Re: go phone unused messages deleted by at&t

This is how it works, messages will roll over as long as you pay before the package exp date wc is 30 days. No problem because youre on autopay. The maximum limit is 9000 messages. After that you cant purchase anymore. Probably what happened here was when the time to renew the package, there was no money it, maybe your son used up all the minutes for calling. You can check all history by going to enter your 10 digit mobile num and passcode, if you dont know ur passcode ., click forgot your passcode? It will send the new passcode to ur phone.
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Re: go phone unused messages deleted by at&t

No, this is not what happened. When the feature package was deleted by at&t he had 4700 messages and $75,00 in his account. I just received this e-mail from a customer service rep:

>>Messaging that is not used is forfeited by the GoPhone Guidelines. These plans
are not set up for the text, minutes, or data to roll over monthly. If you wish
to have a plan that is more comparable to that we can get you set up on a
postpaid plan. I do understand that you're nto happy with the resolution. I've
already issued the $20 credit back to the account. Keep in mind that any
balances on the account expire 1 year from the date that they were added.<<

No, I am not happy. At least they got that right. How is it a "resolution" to reimburse us $20,00 when we lost $62,00?
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Re: go phone unused messages deleted by at&t

Hello JKChes,


I apologize for any confusion. Roll over text messages, just like roll over minutes on post paid plans, don't last forever, they have a limit and an expiration date, whichever comes first. When you say you lost $62, I assume you mean a value of expired messages, unfortunately any roll over messages are not stores in a form of a balance in $ amounts, basically they don't have a monetary value that can be used for anything else. Based on your original post, $20 credit would give your son 4 months of messaging and 800 texts total, most of which will rollover and continue to build his new roll over balance, after which the account can continue with $5 per month per 200 text like you have it set up.


I hope this clarified some things.


Thank you,


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Re: go phone unused messages deleted by at&t

Hello Dmitry,

thank you for your reply.

>>Roll over text messages, just like roll over minutes on post paid plans, don't last forever, they have a limit and an expiration date, whichever comes first.<<

This is NOT what AT&T's website states:

>>Messaging packages for GoPhone 


For customers on the $0.10 per Minute Plan, a messaging package can be added to your plan.

Messaging Packages
  • 200 Messages - $4.99 per month
  • 1000 Messages - $9.99 per month
  • Unlimited Messages - $19.99 per month

You can have your Messaging Package automatically renew each month. If you renew before the package expires, any messages remaining in your current package will roll over to the new package expiration date. To set up Auto Renew for your package, dial 611 (800.901.9878 from a landline) and say "Features" or go to sign in and click on Automatic Feature Package Renewal.<<

I find it extremely annoying that there is apparently no official rule/statement. We had considered getting a contract with a family plan when our son goes to college but not anymore. Certainly not with AT&T.


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