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data conection problems


data conection problems

OK I had $40 dollar plan and data worked fine. Tried to upgrade from phone to $60 plan but only had choice of $50,$35, and $25 plans. Went into att store and they put me on $60 plan and I can make calls and text but no data. Dialed the *777*3# and it said I have 2GB left. The phone will say its data connected but I get no H+ or 3g or anything by signal bars to indicate data transfer. What is different about the data on the $60 plan from the $40 dollar plan that makes it not work with my phone?


P.S I dont know why they ask me what phone i have as it works great with the $40 plan data conection


i have a Star N8000 smart phone MTK6575 Cortex A9 1GHz CPU (Galaxy Note clone)

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Re: data conection problems

OK I figured it out after an hour at att store and looking online:




the Star N8000 will not get picked up by ATT as a smart phone, nether the serial number nor the IMEI will come up in ATT's system so in all actuality and from others have told me that the $50 unlimited plan works great on this phone as ATT doesn't recognize it as a smart phone lucky for me.




hope this helps anyone with cheap Chinese phones out there.

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